Peace tactics do not work

Tatiana Mikitenko

In recent days, the topic of brainwashing and media hygiene has become very popular. Still!

With a light wave of the pen, the president imposed sanctions on all assets of OPR MP Taras Kozak. This sparked a wave of anxious rumors about an alleged attack on freedom of speech among Kozak’s former regionals and current political allies, as an important part of these assets were eight television channels, the most notable of which were ZIK, NewsOne and 112 Ukraine.

Of course, there is no freedom of speech in this case, because unbridled lies and freedom of speech are not identical concepts. Kozak’s channels became a model of what a platform for propaganda campaigns aimed at fighting one’s own people should be like. and it is impossible to fight this scourge other than by the instantaneous blockage of the slag pipeline. At the moment, these shops selling trash, fumes and hysteria have been covered on TV, but I must upset you: the list is not exhaustive.

No channels or media holdings can match the brainwashing of such a powerful organization as the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, which coquettishly hides behind the wording “Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.” The influence of this structure in our country is impressive, and so far it is comprehensive. I suppose that for these reasons, as well as for the desire to enlist the support of such a powerful holding of influence on the Ukrainian minds of Viktor Medvedchuk’s wife Oksana Marchenko had to urgently torpedo his new project “Pilgrim”. As is obvious from the title (the series will be aimed at “love of God”, as is clear from Marchenko’s own words) – “Pilgrim” is dedicated to the Moscow Patriarchate, to which Oksana was blessed by His Beatitude Onuphrius, head of the ROC.

It seems that Medvedchuk is simply laying eggs in different media baskets, because the ROC basket does not differ much in narratives from the already mentioned television ones. Even if you do not follow the brainwashing trends of the Moscow-subordinated church, I assume that you have heard about the revelation of Usik or Lomachenko. And there the zombies of the faithful “brother to brother can not go”, “we need to repent and forgive everything” (to those who kill us), “Russian peace” as the only salvation “,” Ukrainian soldiers – fratricide “and finally intimidation” no if you obey, you will all die. ” A primitive arsenal, which, however, works great on people weakened by systemic dullness and intimidation. And at this dramatic moment, I have good news for you – to oppose the ROC, it is not necessary to wait for a presidential decree by analogy with the situation with Kozak’s channels – resistance to mental occupation works well at the grassroots level. I will give an example.

No channels or media holdings can match the brainwashing of such a powerful organization as the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, which coquettishly hides behind the wording “Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.”

For me, this story began a month ago in a long traffic jam on the outskirts of the Transcarpathian village of Dilove, whose residents blocked the road to defend their legal right to the Ukrainian church. The decision to move from the ROCU to the PCU was made by the village community in January 2019, but for two years it did not gain access to the church – MP representatives simply refused to give the community the keys to the church. The community protested after gaining the right to use the church in the courts, including the appellate court, but was unable to exercise this right due to the outright sabotage of the priest and his support group, organized by supporters of the “Russian world”. It is noteworthy that among those who opposed the community was the monk Benedict Lame, who, in particular, promotes separatist sentiment in the region and supports the idea of ​​a “Rusyn People’s Republic.”

The community of Dilove village was not going to agree with such a reality, despite systemic intimidation. It is worth noting that the support of the PCU and the ROCU was divided approximately 65 to 35, while the Moscow Church maintained its position at the expense of personal threats from the priest, who promised to pray for those who joined the PCU “that they all die.”

We stayed in the village of Dilove for only a few hours, and during this time we did not receive any comments from representatives of the ROCU, but representatives of the community explained in detail why they want to have Ukrainian subordination and not Moscow. They also said that they wanted to listen to the service in their native language, and that the MP priest refused to pray for the Ukrainian military and called those who defended Ukraine fratricidal. “For example, my son-in-law was at the front… I have two grandchildren and I do not want my children and grandchildren to be where the son-in-law visited,” said Maria Ivanivna, a resident of Delovo, who does not seem to share this local war. communities for the Ukrainian church and Russia’s global war against Ukraine. And I agree with her. This active woman, whom I met by chance in Business, said just a fundamental thing,

We have been at peace for two years, and if we had done what people wanted, we would have been in church a long time ago. ” Because we need to win back not only in the courts, but also through active actions and publicity, which will not only provide wider support, but also have a chance to inspire other communities not to give up in their struggle for Ukrainian.

And you know what? A few days ago, the community of Dilovy received the keys to the church and now has it in full possession, along with several dozen baseball bats, which were forgotten by the parishioners of the ROC. So, in the end, the losers not only surrender their positions, but also leave behind unnecessary tools – in the case of the church in Dilovy it was beaten, in the case of Kozak’s canals such tools became employees of the canals, who are now panicking looking for work. 

(c) Tyzhden


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