Zelensky’s economic failure


Zelensky’s biggest failure so far is the economy.

Instead of fighting the rampant corruption in Ukraine and accelerating privatization and the land-reform, he did the exact opposite. He brought back the oligarchs, and worse – he brought back parts of the Yanukovich-gang.

Since Zelensky took office his government struck one economic deal after another with shitholes such as Turkey, the Middle East, India and China, taking Ukraine into the opposite direction compared to what the protesters during the Maidan Revolution were hoping for. Turkey has even access to military technology and secrets. Not to mention the purchase of Chinese vaccines or importing electricity from Russia. Judges are still corrupt, and Pro-life scum still not declared unconstitutional and banned from elections for high treason.

Ukraine has been given access to various western markets, yet takes insufficient advantage of it. Instead of trying harder to promote Ukrainian brands in the West, Zelensky chose the path of least resistance.

If Ukraine wants to get there where the Heavenly Hundred wanted her to get, then a totally different approach is imperative.

The fate of the occupied territories is not in the hands of Kyiv, the fate of the economy and the rule of law is.

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  1. Yet another episode of great hope to great disappointment for the people of Ukraine. Zelensky must be aware that his failures will come at great political cost. There are many factors which are beyond his control , the war with Russia , Chinese bat virus ( Canada also suffers from what I call vaccine nationalism whereas vaccine is in short supply)
    Reform and the struggle against corruption, however, are fights that Zelenskiy can control. If he turns away from them, he risks losing support in the West.

      • Ordering and receiving are apparently very different. They lag far behind the countries who produce the vaccines due to vaccine nationalism as many other countries do including Ukraine.
        It will be at least 2 months before any meaningful quantities will be received.

    • Indefinitely Redders. What successful country does NOT do business with shithole countries? Ans: they all do. If America and everyone else does, why shouldn’t Ukraine? Beggars can’t be choosers.
      Number one export market is still Russia. Number two is Turkey, which has been for many years and that will continue. As of 2019, these are Ukraine’s biggest export markets:
      Turkey, Italy, Poland, US, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Hungary, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Syria, Jordan, India, KSA, UAE, BVI, Spain, Iran, Moldova etc etc.
      These arrangements have been in place since long before Zel.
      They must somehow find the strength to break off all trade, diplomatic links with the fascist state, but they’ve got to make it up from somewhere. Btw China is way down on that list at around 30, but of course Ukraine imports considerably more from that shithole.
      The only big change is that Britain will shortly enter Ukraine’s top ten, due to deals struck last year.

      • But not all countries are partly occupied by RuSSia while trading with its proxies, Sir. Ukraine is in a unique situation, therefore quite different rules apply. Once in Nato, Ukraine can trade with North Korea if desired.

        • I don’t disagree with the thrust of your argument. The abject failure to deal with corruption for one thing and the (connected) failure to push back at the oligarchs is another. But then the same is unfortunately true of Poro, who I support: In spite of, not because of, these failings.
          Zel is not a total failure; indeed the cutting off of the putinoid TV channels shows excellent determination. Furthermore, he has appointed a guy who has the makings of a great foreign minister in Dmytro Kuleba.
          I totally accept Poro’s word that Zel is not a putlerite, despite some of the weirder decisions he made.
          But on trade you are wrong. Turkey is a great partner for Ukraine and will be long after the shitweasel Erdogan has gone. It’s a big market for Ukraine, has a big economy and is a powerful military power, so Ukraine-Turkey absolutely should be friends. There are many Ukrainians working in Turkey and many Turkish businesses are established in Ukraine. You can tell that from the number of upscale Turkish restaurants that can be seen in central Kyiv.
          If you want Ukraine to stop trading with Syria and Iran, as well as Russia, then I agree. But there are lots of huge opportunities in the richer countries in the ME, such as KSA, UAE, Bahrain etc (massive trade partners also with the states) and Ukraine should be right in there, as they are indeed doing.
          You cannot afford to be prejudiced in business. When I was in London, I did business eg with a number Iranians and Iranian-owned enterprises. I found most to be well-educated, sophisticated and as trustworthy as anyone else. I even became friends with one guy’s entire family.
          There is an anti-Assad Syrian businessman who has very big construction interests in Odessa and I wouldn’t be stopping him either. He owns the KP, which F1 posted yesterday one of the best articles I have ever seen from them.
          I strongly support Kurdish independence btw.

          • Turkey is not a democracy. The opposition is jailed, kurds (in particular those fighting Russia-backed Assad) are being murdered, and Turkey purchased ruSSian military hardware forcing Washington to exclude them from the F-35 project. Turkey is a mess, not a reliable ally.

            • And Ukraine knows that. As does every other western country that does business there, including America. You aren’t seriously suggesting that Ukraine should sever links with its second biggest trade partner are you? It should be doing more, not less.
              With China, Ukraine has a fairly insignificant amount of export business, but imports shitloads of chicom junk. Now here is a trade decision that would make sense : cutback chicom imports until they match the current level of exports.

              • I agree with the section concerning China-trade. China found willing bytches in the West to destroy our democracies via the bat virus panic. The only way to destroy Corona is to open up globally, let those die who die, and let the virus run out of hosts. Lockdownes only increase the mess.

          • I have a profound dislike of Muslims and I would refrain from doing business with any of them whenever possible. The world is a big place and certainly, there are better places to do business at.

            • That makes no sense whatsoever facts. Why shouldn’t Ukraine do business with whomsoever it likes? As long as they are not enemies of course. Are you suggesting that America should sever links with Muslim countries?
              Ukraine has no quarrel with the Muslim world. Muslims have lived in Ukraine for centuries and are fully integrated. You do know that there were two Tatar battalions fighting in the Donbas? They are now integrated into the regular forces. Do you know that many Chechens have been fighting on Ukraine’s side too?
              The danger in the world today comes from Russia, China, the international Marxist movement/climate change wankers and a very distant fourth: izlamonazis.
              Russia has murdered way more innocent Christians in Europe this century than the combined efforts of AQ/isis in Europe and US combined.
              Does your dislike of Muslims mean that you think that Russia’s murder, torture and displacement of innocent, Ukraine-supporting Tatars is acceptable?
              Would you allow the Chicoms to continue their nazi-like programme of genocide, torture and mutilation of entirely harmless Uighurs just because you don’t like Muslims?
              Don’t forget, Muslims read WordPress and some of them support Ukraine. They might not continue to do so if they see such comments.
              I always try to point out that there are many good Russians. In fact they may be in the majority. Well it’s the same with the Muslim world, which is full of fascist dictators like putler, but not all the people are like that. See my above comment to Mike about doing business with Iranians.

              • Muslims NEVER lived in Ukraine, unless you historically consider the Crimea historically ukrainian. Crimea was turkish and later conquered by RuSSia, then in the 60’s given to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. If that is what you are referring to, you are right. Concerning true Ukrainian culture, ukrainians were fighting muslims and mongols alike. Rewriting history is a ruSSian tradition, not a ukrainian one.

                • I don’t seek to re-write history or deny the terrible past conflicts. Here is an analogy that seems appropriate: in England, the lethal animosity between Protestants and Catholics has long been over; the two traditions live side by side in harmony. On Britain’s Celtic fringe, those animosities unfortunately have not yet gone away.
                  In terms of internecine Christian-Muslim conflict, Ukraine is the same as the English model vis a vis Catholics and Protestants. There is peace. But in Britain, the conflict with extreme parts of Islam and the indigenous population is set to continue. You see what I mean? Ukraine is actually ahead of most of Europe on that one. There is much that can be learned from Ukraine in fact.
                  Another great thing about Ukraine is the fact that Jews in full religious garb can wonder around any Ukrainian city without fear of assault from nazi trash, commie trash or jihad trash. Again, Ukraine is bucking the trend and is ahead of the game.

              • Essentially, I agree with you on many points, scradge. However, Muslims, per their religion, are a filthy sort that look down on everyone else, if not obviously then covertly, and they, as “good” Muslims must take over a place, region, country, whenever they gain a certain degree of percentage of the area’s population, which does not necessarily mean a majority. Of course, there are exceptions, as there are exceptions to everything in life, such as those that you’ve pointed out. But, generally, as their religion is strong within the Muslim community, their demeaning attitude towards women is also strong, and so it is towards all unbelievers.
                I’ve met more than enough of this sort who were as two-faced and backstabbing as can be. Forgive me, sir, but I simply have no respect or love for Muslims and I don’t trust them in the least. Period.

  2. Zelensky has zero experience in politics. This basic fact reflects upon his job as president thus far, making it glaringly obvious that he cannot go on like this. True, he did make a couple of good decisions lately, but, overall, he has been a small disaster for the country. We’ll see what else he will do in the future. Let’s hope that the damage he caused by hiring the Yanukobitch dirt into his cabinet and relenting too much to the scummy oligarchs will not make it impossible for him to keep turning the wheel towards a less corrupt path.

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