Putin: Russia is ready to turn off internet ‘in the event of a real threat’


The Russian authorities do not plan to close foreign social networks and Internet platforms at the moment but will do so if there is a “real threat”, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the heads of the Russian media.

The Russian newspaper The Bell reports, citing participants of the meeting, that, the President acknowledged that blocking YouTube and other sites “will cause inconvenience” to Russians who actively use them.

According to Putin, because of that, the Kremlin has not yet established “the sovereign internet” or Runet,

At the same time, the President separately noted the need to create a domestic replacement for foreign Internet platforms and expressed confidence that Russian companies are capable of this.

At the beginning of the year, Gazprom Media Holding, headed by former Roskomnadzor head Aleksandr Jarov, announced that the company is working on YouTube and TikTok replacements.

According to sources of The Bell, Putin cited Yandex as an example, and also retold a recent conversation with Sberbank’s CEO Herman Gref, who said that Sberbank is working on a cloud platform. According to Gref, this platform is ahead of any cloud service available in the West.

Putin’s position on the Internet has been steadily tightening. Two years ago, at a similar meeting with journalists, Putin assured that the authorities do not intend to disconnect Russia from the world Internet, and the law on the sovereign internet was adopted only in case the West decides to disable Russia.

At the end of 2020, the State Duma gave the Russian media watchdog, Roskomnadzor, the right to block foreign Internet resources that “allow discrimination against Russian media.

The Internet, according to Putin, is an invention of the Western secret services. “They sit there, and hear, see and read what you say, and collect defense information,” Putin said in 2019.

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  1. “At the same time, the President separately noted the need to create a domestic replacement for foreign Internet platforms and expressed confidence that Russian companies are capable of this.”

    Really? Let’s remind ourselves how Putin dummy Simonyan, announced Russia should ban all foreign media sites.

    “What struck me and many other observers was that she chose to publish her thoughts not on Russian social networks, but on Twitter — and she sent them from her iPhone no less.”

    Why didn’t this Russian patriot use VK and her Russphone to announce the Kremlin threats?

      • This is from an article a couple of years ago. A mixture of “Russian” technology and mafia. 😁

        “Back in 2015, Sergey Chemezov, the head of Rostekh state technology corporation – one of Putin’s KGB chums from their time in 1980s East Germany – proudly presented the Russian President with one of his company’s latest “innovatory” offerings: A thin, double-screen, YotaPad-based tablet which was “of entirely Russian make”, meant to be used as an electronic textbook in schools. But they were actually made in Taiwan, and when the devices were distributed to some Russian schoolchildren at the start of the school year, it emerged that they took three minutes to start up, only worked with a stylus, and weighed 1.5 kilograms. According to an investigation by the online journal Znak, the device in question was actually a slightly rebranded version of the American device enTourage eDGe, an outdated and unsuccessful product from 2009 that could be bought wholesale for $20 apiece as of 2015 (you can still get it for $30 on Ebay today). Meanwhile, the official cost of the 8,000 tablets in the trial electronic textbook program was 24o million rubles, which translates to around $500 apiece. This isn’t even very impressive innovation so far as siphoning away taxpayer money into private pockets is concerned, to say nothing of technology.”

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