Poland: Nord Stream 2 is ‘a selfish project’ of Russia and Germany


Russia’s Nord Stream 2 project is damaging European energy security, said the Chief of Poland’s Presidential Chancellery, Krzysztof Szczerski, reports Polskie Radio.

“This is a very selfish project between the two countries (Russia and Germany) that deals a blow to the entire energy security structure of Europe and the Euro-Atlantic space,” Szczerski said.

According to Szczerski, reports that Joe Biden’s administration can agree to the implementation of this project are not true.

Szczerski noted that there is nothing to support this assumption, which was initially made by German media.

“On the contrary, all our American counterparts confirm one thing: President Biden is also very negative about this project, because it is very harmful to all transatlantic security,” he added.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she had not changed her position on Nord Stream 2 and would speak with the US president’s administration.

US President Joe Biden called Nord Stream 2 a “bad deal for Europe.”

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  1. Well said Poland.
    Some quotes from Trump on Merkel and Nato.
    Full article from July 2018 is here:


    ‘What good is NATO?’ Furious Trump blasts European nations for skimping on defence and says they should spend at least FOUR PER CENT of GDP after slamming Merkel for being held ‘captive’ by Russia at tense summit.
    ‘Germany is totally controlled by Russia,’ Trump charged.
    ‘What good is NATO if Germany is paying Russia billions of dollars for gas and energy?’ Trump wrote.’

    For once I can agree 100% with Trump.

  2. The US has pulled Europe’s irons out of the fire twice. I see no reason why the US should defend Europe again when it doesn’t do anything for itself.

  3. Those two are some of the most selfish countries in Europe. And, letting your country being flooded by third-world mugs don’t count.

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