In the United States, Anna Sorokina, a native of Russia, who posed as a wealthy heiress Anna Delvi and received a prison sentence, was released Her story is filmed by Netflix

30-year-old Russian native Anna Sorokina (also known as Anna Delvi), who was convicted of embezzling about $ 200,000 in 2019, was released from prison in New York. The Insider writes about this with reference to the data of the New York State Department of Corrections. Information about the release of Sorokina was confirmed by a source from The Insider.

Everything We Know About Netflix's Anna Delvey Drama

It is assumed that after her release, Sorokina will be deported to Germany – she has the citizenship of this country.

Sorokina was supposed to spend at least four years in prison, but she was released about six months earlier for good behavior. The parole hearing was held in October 2020. Sorokina apologized to them for what she had done. “I realize that many people have suffered, although I thought I was not doing anything wrong,” she was quoted as saying by the New York Post.

Sorokina also paid $ 199,000 in compensation to victims and $ 24,000 in court fines, The Insider reported in January. According to the publication, Sorokina got money after the streaming service Netflix paid her $ 320,000 for the right to shoot a series based on her story.

According to The Insider, after her release, Sorokina opened a Twitter account under the name Anna Delvi and commented on the message from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office about the verdict in her case with the phrase “Good job” (at the time of writing Meduza, this account did not have to him was limited due to “unusual activity”). Sorokina made several posts on her Instagram, which she also maintains under the name of Anna Delvi. The young woman’s Instagram continued to be updated while she was in prison.Caption: Prison is so exhausting, you can’t even imagine

Anna Sorokina led a social life in New York for several years, posing as a wealthy German heiress named Delvi. She lived in hotels and ate in restaurants on credit, borrowed money from her wealthy acquaintances. In 2016, a young woman tried to get a $ 22 million loan from a bank, allegedly to open an art club in New York. She was arrested in October 2017. The jury found Sorokina guilty of stealing more than $ 200,000 from various banks and private companies. In May 2019, the court sentenced her to  4-12 years in prison.

Netflix announced the purchase of the rights to film the story of Sorokina in 2018. The show was written by Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. The role of Sorokina was played by actress Julia Garner from the Ozark series. Filming was delayed due to the pandemic and ended only recently, writes The Insider. The series is slated to air before the end of the year. It was reported that the HBO channel is also working on a project on the history of Sorokina, together with the creator of the series “Girls” Lina Dunham. In addition, in 2019, a podcast about Sorokina’s life was released on the BBC .

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  • I remember listening to that bbc podcast series about this bitch and it was very good indeed.
    I hate grifters. I don’t mind admitting that I myself was once the victim of one. I’d happily string up the person who did me over and this piece of garbage seems to have got off lightly for the pain and mental anguish she caused.
    She was not paid for the bbc production as it was not authorised. It irks me to think that Netflix were happy to reward this criminal.
    If any of our readers like movies about grifters, one of the best ones ever made is The Spanish Prisoner, directed by David Mamet (1997).

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  • “I realize that many people have suffered, although I thought I was not doing anything wrong,”

    Typical Russian. Lie, cheat, steal, and think you did nothing wrong, because all Russians are the same. The US should deport this criminal back where she come from, she can go live the high life in Russia.

    Liked by 5 people

  • “Sorokina got money after the streaming service Netflix paid her $ 320,000 for the right to shoot a series based on her story.”
    This mongrel gets so much money for being a filthy criminal and many a good person goes empty-handed. I know a woman in Kyiv who adopted a bunch of street dogs to give them a home. There will never be a movie or series made about her.
    Indeed, we live in a sick world.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Glorifying crime always sells better than some good natured story about human kindness. The West seem to have a fascination with despicable evil people, I can never understand why.

      Liked by 4 people

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