Russian-occupation forces in Donbas violate ceasefire seven times over past day, one Ukrainian soldier wounded


Russian-occupation forces violated the ceasefire seven times over the past day, one Ukrainian soldier was wounded by a gunshot, the press center of the Joint Force Operation (JFO) has said.

“Over the past day, on February 10, seven ceasefire violations were recorded in the area of the Joint Force Operation. In the area of responsibility of the Skhid (East) task force, near Pisky, Russian-occupation forces opened targeted fire from small arms and sniper weapons. As a result, the Ukrainian soldier was wounded by a gunshot. The serviceman was promptly taken to a hospital where he is provided with the necessary medical care. The health condition of the wounded is satisfactory,” the JFO headquarters said on Facebook on Thursday morning.

The JFO headquarters said that in the area of responsibility of the Pivnich (North) task force, near Pivdenne, Russian-occupation forces fired from an automatic heavy-duty grenade launcher. Near the settlement of Zolote-4, an unmanned aerial vehicle was used, which fired two VOG-17 shots at the JFO positions.

“The Ukrainian defenders provided an adequate response to the targeted shelling of the armed formations of the Russian Federation,” the JFO headquarters said.

The OSCE representatives were notified of the facts of ceasefire violation through the Ukrainian side in the JCCC.

“Since the beginning of the current day, February 11, no violations of the ceasefire have been recorded,” the JFO headquarters said.

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  • OSCE and US support are for the ass so far. Hopefully other allies will provide Ukraine with some real support soon, since the Pentagon seems to only respond to oil field protection as always…

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  • The nazi filth have already murdered five Ukraine lads this year, plus several have terrible wounds. ‘Russian ceasefire’ is bullshit.
    However many snipers the defenders have, it needs to be doubled and they need a consignment of state of the art rifles and ammo. Start picking off the bastards one by one.

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