Blocking Ukrainian TV channels poses attack on freedom of speech, – Russian MFA

El Pais quoted Maria Zakharova, the official representative of Russia’s Foreign Ministry

By blocking the broadcasting of several TV channels, the Ukrainian government allowed an outraging assault on freedom of speech. Maria Zakharova, the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that on February 11, as quoted by El Pais, the famous Spanish and Latin American outlet.

“This is actually an outraging attack on the freedom to express one’s thought”, El Pais cites the official.

“Press secretary reminded that Russia has been repeatedly condemning Kyiv’s intolerable actions against the media, digital portals, books and even children outlets, which are banned under alleged threat o f propaganda by Russia”, the outlet wrote.

According to Zakharova, in this particular case of oppression, the Ukrainian authority have gone too far and it cannot be stopped now, as the Ukrainian media lack suitable approach to the ruling circles.

“We hope that the respective international organizations, including UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, UNESCO General Director, European Commissioner for Human Rights, OSCE representative, ODIHR and OSCE will not stay indifferent and will not ignore this outraging fact”, the Russian diplomat said. 

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