German Finance Minister offered United States dirty deal


German Federal Finance Minister Scholz is said to have proposed a billion-dollar deal to the US last year to prevent sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea.

This emerges from documents that were made public by Deutsche Umwelthilfe. According to this, Germany was ready to promote the import of liquid natural gas from the USA with up to a billion euros if the US government waived measures against the construction of Nord Stream 2 in return. Scholz is said to have made the offer to the then US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin in a personal letter on August 7, 2020. The Federal Ministry of Finance did not want to comment on this.

Due to US sanctions, the laying work on the largely completed pipeline had been suspended for almost a year.

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  • Typical krauts. They think they can do anything with their dirty money. They usually can with the decrepit EU, but not with us. For us, this “deal” isn’t even worth batting an eyelid over. It only proves their fear of our sanctions.

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  • Germany reconfirms itself as the number one enabler for a blood-drenched occupation regime run by a poisonous toad.

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