Astrakhan students expelled due to participation in the action on January 23, filed a lawsuit against the university

Two students of the Astrakhan State University, expelled because of participation in the action in support of Alexei Navalny, Alexander Mochalov and Vera Inozemtseva filed a lawsuit against the university. This was reported by “MBH Media”. 

According to their lawyer, the management of the university violated the procedure for expelling students, as they should have been notified in advance about the preparation of orders and required written explanations from them – but this was not done. 

Alexander Mochalov emphasized that the explanatory note, according to the rules, should be drawn up within three school days after the incident, and an act of refusal to give an explanatory letter was drawn up for him during the holidays. 

Vera Inozemtseva, in turn, called the incident “political repression” and also expressed her confidence that the expulsion was not made according to the rules: “There is no such reason for expulsion in the internal regulations or in the charter, even formally. Some points are literally far-fetched. ” 

Rector Konstantin Markelov announced the expulsion of three students on January 30. “Law is law. According to the internal regulations, we were obliged to say goodbye to them, “he noted, stressing that he signed orders” with a pain in his heart. “

Even before she was expelled, Vera Inozemtseva  told Meduza that after the rally on January 23, police officers abducted her and published calls for protests on her behalf. The student wrote a complaint about the actions of the police in the UK.

(c)MEDUZA 2021

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