Leader of CDU Germany Laschet supports idea of ​​EU enlargement, giving Ukraine ‘European perspective’ – ​​Ambassador Melnyk

New head of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, Armin Laschet, supports the idea of ​​expanding the EU and giving Ukraine a “European perspective”, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk said on Twitter.

“We must support Ukraine in its difficult path and at the same time also open up a European perspective,” Melnyk quoted Laschet.

According to Melnyk in an interview with Hromadske Radio on Monday, this is the first promising prospect.

“The announcement of the a leader of the CDU is extremely important. This is a real breakthrough […] It is too early to rejoice, this is just a good start. Now we are starting to work even more actively so that new important steps emerge from this announcement,” Melnyk said.

According to him, Ukraine has good chances of EU membership.

“If we succeed in the near future […] to do more, to enlist the support of the entire CDU-CSU faction in the Bundestag, as well as other influential members of this party, then we, generally, have good chances that the topic of Ukraine’s membership will sound more weighty in context of the elections to the Bundestag, which will be held in September this year,” the ambassador said.

At the same time, Melnyk said that the military conflict in Donbas influences European integration very strongly, and while it continues, there is no talk of membership [of Ukraine in the EU]

“Of course it does. And it affects very negatively. And this is precisely where, among other things, all the cynicism of this war unleashed by Russia lies. Since all the resources of Germany, more precisely, almost all the resources of Germany, which, as you know, acts as a mediator in ending the war, cessation of Russian aggression. They have so far focused primarily on a peaceful settlement in Donbas and on the reintegration of these territories. Therefore, as long as the conflict continues, as long as this war continues, it was impossible to talk about membership, because the main issue for the political establishment of Germany was the war,” the ambassador said.

He also said that, first, the issue of ending the war has to be resolved, and only then other possible projects will be discussed, including issues of European integration in the sense that it is enshrined in the Ukrainian Constitution.

(c) Interfax


  • ““We must support Ukraine in its difficult path and at the same time also open up a European perspective,” Melnyk quoted Laschet.”

    Ukraine already have a perspective of the EU. Merkel turned it into a third world shithole run by politicians in bed with Russia. No thanks, until the EU cleans up it’s own backyard, Ukraine are better off out of it.

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  • First get your heads out of Putin’s ass, then come back again.

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