The owner of the villa in Germany, where Navalny lived, accused the journalists of “Russia 1” of lying

The owner of a two-story house in Freiburg, Germany, which the politician Alexei Navalny rented while he was in Germany, said that the journalists of the Russia 1 TV channel, who had filmed a story about the villa, had been deceived into her.

The owner of the house, whose name has not been released, told Dozhd TV that the Rossiya 1 film crew had rented a villa for the weekend, posing as tourists from Belgium. So, the author of the plot Anastasia Popova used the French surname Bourt. The interlocutor of “Dozhd” claims that he did not know that they were Russian journalists. He noted that the film crew of “Russia 1” filmed him with a hidden camera.

After the story was released, the owner of the house turned to German law enforcement agencies. Filming with a hidden camera is a criminal offense, Leonid Volkov, the head of the electoral headquarters of Alexei Navalny , told Dozhd.

Leonid Volkov said that in the story of “Russia-1” the cost of renting a house was doubled. The rent was 15 580 euros, businessman and friend of Navalny Yevgeny Chichvarkin told RBC, who paid for the politician’s accommodation in this house. The TV channel’s report claimed that it took more than 30 thousand euros.

On February 7, the Vesti Nedeli program on Rossiya 1 aired a story about a villa in Germany where Alexei Navalny lived. Journalist Anastasia Popova, in particular, said that the house has “two luxurious bedrooms with a terrace”, its own kitchen “with a coffee machine” and “its own mud room” where there is a vacuum cleaner.

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