Ukraine’s coffee imports grow by 63% over five years


Over the past five years, Ukraine’s coffee imports have grown by 63%. In 2020, it reached 48.4 thousand tonnes for a total amount of USD 166.1 million, according to the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club Association (UCAB).

About 51% of coffee is imported unroasted and processed already in Ukraine.

The main suppliers of coffee to Ukraine are European countries, which import coffee beans, bring them to a certain marketable condition (pack/roast/grind/make instant coffee), and then sell them.

In 2020, Ukraine imported coffee from Poland (for USD 37.8 million, 23% of total imports), Italy (USD 25.5 million, 15%), Germany (USD 14.8 million, 9%), Vietnam (USD 14.6 million, 9%) and Brazil (USD 12.4 million, 7%).

As Ukrinform reported, in 2020, Ukraine’s cheese imports amounted to 46.8 thousand tonnes, which is 97% higher compared to 2019.

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