Ukrainian defender wounded amid enemy shelling attacks in Donbas


A serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been wounded as a result of the shelling attacks of Ukrainian positions launched by Russia-occupation forces, the Pivnich (North) Operational Command reported.

“Today, on February 4, not far from Pivdenne settlement, in the area of responsibility of the Pivnich tactical group, the Russia-occupation forces once again violated the ceasefire regime and fired at our positions with 82-mm mortars and small arms. As a result of the shelling attacks, one Ukrainian serviceman received a gunshot wound,” the command said on its Facebook page.

The soldier was promptly taken to a medical institution, where he is being provided with the necessary medical assistance. The leadership of the military unit and the working group of the military law enforcement service are working at the scene.

It is noted that the OSCE representatives were informed about the actions of the enemy through the Ukrainian side of the JCCC.

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  • For 7 years the scum have been using heavy artillery and snipers to kill Ukrainian servicemen and women on an almost daily basis, regardless of ‘ceasefires’. Being degenerates, they deliberately sought ought female medics and murdered them too.
    An equalizer is needed.
    How about a squadron of B2’s Joe?
    And maybe several batteries of Patriot systems?

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    • Hey Sir Scradge how is your extended family getting along with the China virus?

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      • Thank you for asking Redders old chap. We have an 80 old still in hospital. He’s now covid-free but it developed into pneumonia, so he’s still having a tough time. Then we have a 75 year old who was hospitalised for a different matter and then of course picked up the pox while there. She’s at home now, recovering slowly.
        All the younger ones made full recoveries, but one in her 40’s suffers from what is known as ‘long covid’; ie nasty symptoms that persist for months, eg: chest pain, rapid pulse, panic attacks etc.
        One friend of mine in his 30’s, who was a regular long distance runner prior to covid, now complains of fatigue and persistent ED. Doctors confirm that ED is now known to be a common symptom of long covid. There are not many things more distressing than that for a guy with a young wife.
        The CCP trash have devastated our country. I try not to buy chicom products. I used to be a regular visitor to Chicom restaurants and was a fan of their cuisine. Never again. I’ll go Thai instead.

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        • Thai food is delicious. The hot soups served me for years to fight the flu. After i had two soups and my nose started running, all the crap came out and i recoverd quickly. 😎

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          • I would not be surprised. Thai staple ingredients like garlic, chili, ginger, basil, coriander etc are known to bolster the immune system as well as have an antiviral effect.
            There is also some new research that suggests a well known Mediterranean herb; oregano, offers some protection against chicom bat pox.

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        • Agreed. I’m preparing for a total gut of a bathroom and finding tile, doors, windows, etc. from the US instead of China is hard, and expensive.
          According to a friend of mine in GB she’s already had a jab and she’s only about 40 years old! We have some 80+ in the US that haven’t gotten it even though we made the damn things. Did you know Israel is at 65% vaccinated? Yet Ukraine has fucking zero…

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          • I read somewhere that several million doses of the Oxford vaccine (AstraZeneca) is heading Ukraine’s way. It might have been Unian; I’ll have to check.
            Better they get that than anything from the fucking underpants poisoner.

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          • AstraZeneca is the only vaccine that is non-profit and sold at cost. I think Ukraine may be getting some free of charge.

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            • That one hasn’t even been approved het. JnJ submitted their application for approval a couple of days ago so it will be in circulation later this week I hope. It’s just outrageous that Canada can stockpile the vaccines, Israel gets in front of the line and a mild-mannered yet poor country like Ukraine gets nothing. America too, we’re only at about 10% vaccinated and it was our investment, doctors and market that made it work.

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          • In Germany 14 people who already had their second vax shot caught the virus again. Seems vaccines are for the ass.

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        • You mean ohengineer? A scrofulous kremtroll.

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          • Yeah. I wasn’t sure for a while. He was playing good cop bad cop. This morning i started to track his comments, and the one in the article above is telling. No Ukraine-supporter would make such a statement. Not even a neutral observer. Definitely a troll. He blinded me for some time with some good comments, but not no more.

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