Students from Moscow and Belgorod said that they were deceived into flash mobs in support of Putin

Students of two Moscow universities – the Timiryazev Academy and the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSLA) – were tricked into participating in flash mobs in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was reported by the student edition Doxa.

Students of the Timiryazev Academy were told that the flash mob would be dedicated to the Russian flag, students of the Moscow State Law Academy – that it was aimed at “supporting our country as a leader in the fight against covid.” For participation in the filming of the flash mob, the students of the Moscow State Law Academy were promised to be invited to the State Duma and presented with letters of thanks.

The shooting took place in one of the Moscow hotels. The students of the Moscow State Law Academy who arrived there were asked to chant the text “We have one president, together we will win. Vladimir Vladimirovich, we are with you! Putin is our president! “

An anonymous source of “Mediazona”  confirmed  this information. He clarified that the shooting took place at the Hitrovka hotel.

Telegram channel “Belgorod No. 1” reported that students of the Belgorod Institute of Arts and Culture faced a similar situation. They were gathered in the assembly hall and asked to dance with Russian flags, ostensibly to record a patriotic video for the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Later, this video was posted on Instagram by the deputy of the Belgorod Regional Duma  Ivan Konev  and the deputy of the city council of Belgorod Ilya Salmin . In the video, to the song “For you, Motherland” by the Lube group, the slogans “Putin is our president” and “Vladimir Vladimirovich, we are with you” sounded. According to the students, they did not chant them, the sound was added during editing.

At the end of January, the Yekaterinburg online store “Sima-Land” posted a video in which the company’s staff chants “Putin is our president.” On February 5, Sima-Land published another video where hundreds of employees line up in a huge sign “Putin is our president.” 

The owner of “Sima-Land” Andrey Simanovskiy said that “there was just an internal desire” to conduct such flash mobs. Simanovsky assured that this was not connected with the actions in support of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

After the second flash mob, the Minister of Public Security of the Sverdlovsk Region, Alexander Kudryavtsev, issued a warning to Sima-Land about the violation of the procedure for holding public events.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta wrote that a flash mob in support of Putin is taking place throughout the country. It was attended, in particular, by the Barnaul plant of auto-molded heat-resistant products, the KAMAZ-master racing team, the players of the SKA-Neftyanik hockey team.

(c)MEDUZA 2021


  • With 80% support according to Kremlin polls, why would he need to lie and mislead people to get them to show up for him? We will have to start calling Putler, mini-Luka…

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  • In my opinion, tricks like these are counterproductive. The students aren’t stupid, obviously, and they will not only recognize this foul behavior but also will pass it on to others and this helps to undermine the regime’s credibility yet further. Not that I mind. But, this underlines the desperate need to draw people in “support” of the little shit nugget.

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    • It’s the students and young, tech-savvy professionals that will determine if a full uprising as per the handle of our esteemed proprietor RSM actually takes place.
      Will they somehow find the strength to resist this filthy nazi regime in sufficient numbers to achieve an overthrow and a transfer to a peaceful democracy?
      The odds are very poor. But it is possible….

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      • I think it was Mike that said a while back that the main difference with what’s happening in Moskovia is that the people are not will to actually occupy a place for an extended period of time. Of course it would be a slaughter but that’s what it would take. I think they had the same problem in Belarus. Weekend protests just don’t work. They tried that in the far east of Russia too and it didn’t work either.

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        • Brian Whitmore and his friends have plenty to say about this. It’s one of his best yet. See my post and listen to the podcast when you have time; perhaps when driving to work?

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      • When I see how Luka is still hanging on to power after months of protests, I fear that things will be worse in mafia land. But, as you say, it is possible. We’ll see…

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