NAZIS against Ukraine

Immediately lift absurd Russia sanctions – especially in times of crisis!

Dr. Robby Schlund, chairman of the German-Russian parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, calls for the absurd sanctions against the Russian Federation in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic to be lifted immediately and completely. You contradict the declarations of solidarity and the offer of support to fight COVID-19.

This would be a gesture of humanity, a contribution to understanding between nations and a step forward in supporting the post-pandemic economies of Germany and Russia.

In my opinion, a minister in the government coalition of the Federal Republic of Germany has made a clear statement against any sanctions. Because these also hinder the economic and solidarity exchange in difficult times. Minister Spahn has declared the Russian sanctions to be absurd.

The lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation would benefit the German economy during and after the coronavirus pandemic, as the effects on the economy are already clearly noticeable. The government must act immediately!

(c) Russian Asshole


  • There are no words too insulting to describe this piece of crap. Another Nazi lover of the state that says they hate nazis.

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  • Germany has revealed itself in recent times to be nothing more than a lackey of putler’s fourth reich.
    The EU needs to be smashed to bits.

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    • Germany is becoming the equivalent of Russia in the USSR. In the USSR it was Russia and slave states, in the EU it’s Germany and slave states.

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      • East Germany did not unify with West Germany in 1990. The west part joined the east as a Russian satellite! A commie shithole under Russian control became a rich shithole under Russian control.
        Just look at the fucking Chancellors they have had since then:
        Brandt, Schmidt, Kohl, Schroeder, Merkel. Every single one of them Russia shills, as well as being utter arseholes.

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  • The Stasi infiltrated the german federal government. Pentagon do you copy?!

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  • I know many Germans who vote for the AfD. However, it is not because of their love for mafia land, it is because it is the ONLY party that is for the people and against mass immigration and because Merkel has ruined the CDU, which would be the only other party that would be viable for them to vote for. You can’t blame them for voting for this trash, seeing that all the other parties are, in their true core, pro-immigrant and anti-German. In fact, it is the proverbial choice of having the pest or cholera.

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    • It’s not the people who are idiots, but the politicians paid by Putin. It’s just amazing that the Kremlin are in bed with this fellow nazi party, yet it is Ukraine that are labelled nazis.

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      • They are not more ‘Nazi’ than any Republican or danish or slovak social democrat. The fake news media labeled them nazis. And neither Spahn nor Laschet are AFD. I would say all parties have members who want to receive from behind by Putin, in Europe and the US alike.

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        • This is true, Mike. In fact, just about anyone in Germanystan who is opposed to the status quo in politics and media is stamped on the forehead with labels like rightist, extreme rightist, Querdenker and the ubiquitous favorite term Nazi.

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    • All far right parties in Europe shill for putler. Which means they gloat when ever the cur murders yet more Ukrainian and Georgian children. In Germany, whatever party you vote for, you get a putler jackboot licker. Except for the Greens, who unusually are opposed. I say unusually because most Greens support putler simply because they are part of the global Marxist alliance. Eg Jill Stein, boss of the US Greens, who sat next to putler at a dinner to celebrate the anniversary of RaT. (On the other side of putler sat the filthy QAnon and putler jackboot licker Gen Flynn).
      There is only one far right party in Europe that opposes putler : PiS. It was founded by Lech Kaczynski, who was murdered by putler.
      Should PiS lose power, it is possible that Ukraine could be deprived of Poland’s support, which would be catastrophic.

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  • I left Germany in October ’69. In the election that took place shortly after Kurt Kiesinger and the socialist coalition won. It has been down hill for Germany ever since.

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