Residents of occupied Crimea massively restore Ukrainian passports – local blogger

Residents of the occupied Crimea are massively restoring passports issued by Ukraine. Alexander Gorny, who previously strongly supported the Russian occupation of Crimea, wrote this in his blog on Echo of Moscow.

According to him, residents of the Russian-occupied peninsula “are tired of the lies and lawlessness of the local authorities, but so far they are silent”.

“But the number of renewed Ukrainian passports is growing day by day, as well asі the number of those who regret their choice in the 2014 referendum”, – he writes. According to him, even the Crimean officials-collaborationists issue Ukrainian foreign passports to their relatives.

“Some far-sighted officials have already issued new Ukrainian passports to their wives and children. Why? Answer: just because”, – he wrote.

Earlier, in September 2020, Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN Serhiy Kislitsa stated that holders of Ukrainian passports were being persecuted in the Crimea and pressure was being exerted for the population to get rid of Ukrainian documents.

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  • англійський масон

    I thought most of those who voted in the 2014 referendum regretted their choice.

    99% of them didn’t even know they had voted.

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  • One of the couples that I know in Crimea – who are pro-Russian – thought that freedom on the peninsula under Moscow is like it was under Kyiv. I said, “Then hang the Ukrainian flag out of your apartment window.”
    They had nothing to say after that.
    Oh, and they never did hang a Ukrainian flag out of their window either. They got the point.
    Many others also seem to have gotten the point.

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