Doctor in charge of treating Alexei Navalny in Russia after Novichok poisoning dies suddenly and ‘very unexpectedly’ of suspected heart attack aged 55

  • Dr Sergei Maksimishin was in charge of intensive care at Omsk hospital
  • Alexei Navalny was treated there after his poisoning before heading to Germany
  • The doctor died very suddenly after his ‘blood pressure shot up’ while in hospital

A doctor who was in charge of treating Alexei Navalny in Russia soon after he was poisoned with novichok has died suddenly aged 55.

Dr Sergei Maksimishin was in charge of intensive care at the Omsk hospital where the opposition leader was taken after he became seriously ill on a plane which was forced to make an emergency landing.

The Omsk hospital and the Russian authorities strongly denied that Navalny showed any signs of nerve agent poisoning but the Putin critic then flew to Germany for life-saving treatment where doctors detected novichok.

Maksimishin died in the intensive care unit where Navalny was treated and it is not believed he contracted Covid-19.

Initial reports said his blood pressure suddenly shot up, and he died of a heart attack.

A colleague Maria Morozova. who saw him this week said the death was ‘very unexpected’.

The medic was described as having ‘guided Navalny’s treatment’ after his poisoning with the potentially lethal warfare agent which was allegedly sprinkled in his underpants by an FSB secret service hit squad.

Navalny accused Vladimir Putin of seeking to murder him, but the Kremlin has denied the 44 year old was poisoned, and dismissed claims of an attempt to kill him.

Galina Nazarova, spokeswoman for Omsk health ministry, said there were ‘no special background’ to the respected medic’s death.

‘The man was sick, worried about his relatives,’ she said.

‘He buried his parents this year. He died at work, in his intensive care unit, where he worked.

‘He was in the hospital, he was placed in intensive care and he died there.’

Lifeshot news outlet reported Dr Maksimishin was urgently hospitalised yesterday.

‘When the doctor was just brought from home, the blood pressure was ‘over 250’.

‘They managed to ‘knock down’ the blood pressure, but the doctor’s heart still could not stand it.’

Alexander Murakhovsky, the hospital’s head physician, was later promoted to Omsk health minister.

(c) Mail Online


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