Culture Ministry To Ask YouTube To Close YouTube Channels Of NewsOne, ZIK, And 112 Ukraine TV Channels


The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy intends to ask the YouTube video platform to close the YouTube channels of the NewsOne, ZIK, and 112 Ukraine television channels.

Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko announced this in his Telegram channel, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy will send to YouTube the decision of the NSDC (the National Security and Defense Council) regarding sanctions against the NewsOne, ZIK, and 112 Ukraine television channels with the request to close their YouTube channels,” Tkachenko wrote.

According to him, these television channels’ broadcasts (terrestrial, satellite, and internet) pose an information threat to the national security of Ukraine because they are not mass media but part of Russia’s propaganda war against Ukraine.”

Tkachenko noted that YouTube has its own policy on closure of YouTube channels, but he expressed confidence that the popular platform should know who exactly finances and produces content and how.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, and ZiK TV television channels will continue broadcasting on YouTube.

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  1. They did close the YouTube site of Alex Jones’s shitshow; infowars, but lots of stuff still remains because it was posted by Jones fans. A vile piece of shit named Paul Joseph Watson still has his YouTube channel there, even though the bile-spitting bastard works for Jones. His anti-Ukraine lies and hate posts have been watched in huge numbers.

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