• Click the link to see the disgusting behaviour of the putinazi militia on female demonstrators.

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  • I was trying to read the article, but my device was flooded with ads until it broke downe. Had to restart. 😡

    But from what i could read, it sounded disgusting! Total sexual harassment by horny bums in Nazi uniforms. Time the world will respond to this shame!

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    • I’m sorry that happened and would never link readers to a shithole site. The DM is a huge, reputable site so I don’t understand why that happened. I don’t always agree with it editorially, but it is broadly supportive of Ukraine and critical of Russia, despite the fact that it has a filthy resident kremtroll : Peter Hitchens. It does however allow Edward Lucas to balance Hitchens shit.

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      • Oh, i do not have any problems with it. When i lived in London DM and the Sun were the only papers i read. The Sun always had nice sexy chicks photos. 😇 Maybe my browser had script issues. Never mind.

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        • Hot chicks can cause severe problems for certain devices. They must be specially programmed so they don’t go bonkers when pics of hot chicks come up. You have simply gone with cheap devices that can’t handle such tension properly. /sarc

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  • The comments section is full of the usual idiots from Russia.

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