One Week of Lies From The Kremlin Run Media In Ukraine

Medvedchuk’s channels went from propaganda to outright provocations. Monitoring of information channels on January 18-24, 2021

NewsOne, ZIK and 112 are the worst TV channels on Ukrainian television. The most expensive drain tanks and the most successful Russian propaganda projects. In this regard, Viktor Medvedchuk’s TV channels have always occupied the largest place in our monitoring of information channels. But not this time. This time they will take over the entire monitoring.

Within a week, Putin’s godfather managed to use almost his entire arsenal against Ukrainians: denial of Russian aggression, demonization of the Revolution of Dignity, lies about foreign rule, humiliation of the Ukrainian language, advertising of the Russian vaccine, PR for prisoners, ridicule of the PCU, absolutely sick conspiracy theories. Also this week, the US president was inaugurated and an investigation into Putin’s palace was launched.

Such information drives, by the way, made other channels look quite ordinary against the background of the Russian triad. After all, for Espresso, Direct and 24th, this period turned out to be a week of positives: Biden’s inauguration, Putin’s corruption, Reunification Day, sanctions against Dubinsky. Even the negative events looked unequivocally, like the sale of the League of Laughter to Russia or Medvedchuk’s attempts to publicize the prisoners. TV channels, of course, actively discussed them, but almost without controversy and unexpected statements. Here are perhaps the biggest deviations of the week: on the 24th they joked that Biden would not have sex scandals; on Pryamy stated that, unlike the Lipetsk factory, the League of Laughter is a real business on blood; on “Espresso” showed Poroshenko’s “clear” plan to fight the coronavirus, which consists of banal vague statements.

Medvedchuk’s channels, meanwhile, claimed that the Russian vaccine was more important than Crimea.

Ukraine continues the war

As you know, according to Russian propaganda, Ukraine is in a civil war. Anna Herman on ZIK shouts that there is no non-party in this confrontation. And Vasyl Nimchenko explains that the conflict is civil, because the army is used on the territory of their own state. So this means that the fictional USSR “Great Patriotic War” was also civil.

Since Russia does not seem to be involved in the shooting, the events need to come up with some other explanation. So Renat Kuzmin on ZIK claims that this group of the Ukrainian conspirators at first seized the power through the Maidan, and then ” for the maintenance of the own power declared war on Donbass, without a single shot handed over Crimea “. Thus, the people’s deputy of “OPZZh” simultaneously condemns both armed defense (in the east of Ukraine), and lack of resistance (in the Crimea). He also accuses members of his own party of a coup d’etat, as Vadym Rabinovych, for example, became a deputy in 2014. And, most importantly, from Kuzmin’s words, it turns out that Ukraine somehow forced Russia to occupy its territories. Mikhail Chaplyga promoted similar ideas on NewsOne. He directly justifiedannexation of Crimea: Russia carried it out because Ukraine allegedly broke its promises and planned to deploy a NATO base there. Of course, no one made any such official statements. But, on the other hand, NewsOne at least publicly acknowledged that Russia had interfered in Ukraine’s internal affairs until military intervention. Where is Soros?

Renat Kuzmin accuses Ukraine of starting a war against itself

At the same time, Medvedchuk’s channels actively defended Russia’s honor. Andriy Lesyk screamed : “Evidence!” when opponents spoke of Russian troops. Elena Bondarenko spoke of ” false war, false Russophobia, false struggle with some real enemy . ” This, by the way, is true: in the Russian media these things are already “false”. The ZIK presenter was indignant that the Ukrainian authorities were creating a monster out of Russia in order to ” enslave ” citizens en masse . Yuri Dudkin blurted out that Donbass is an ” irritant ” for Russia. And Irina Palamar shouted : We are used against Russia. Why? Here is this Russophobia, it is everywhere, you know, promoted. What did Russia, for example, do to the United States ?! ». First, just assess the level of absurdity: the Russians are killing us, but we have to judge them for the United States. Second, Putin has done a lot for the world, from sponsoring terrorism and cybercrime to spreading coronavirus fakes.

The last question remains: why is the war still going on? According to Russian propagandists, the Ukrainian authorities are also to blame for this. Renat Kuzmin claimed on ZIK that the Americans forbid Kyiv to end the conflict. The host of ZIK hinted that the authorities do not return Donbass because of the ” important factor “: non-governmental voters live there. And the truth is, can the reunification of the state bring any electoral bonuses? Irina Palamar screamed that Russia would have ended the war a long time ago, because it is not profitable because of sanctions. However, it seems to be beneficial to some Ukrainians and “ external partners». Cool, finally, Medvedchuk’s channel recognized Russia as a party to the conflict. All that remains is to understand that if Putin wanted to withdraw troops and end the war, we would not be fighting him.

And this block is completed by Vyacheslav Pikhovshek’s program on NewsOne, in which the presenter reads Medvedchuk’s words. This time, that Ukraine and Russia will restore relations, despite the opposition of our government. Fortunately, it is not only the government that is opposing Russia’s “relations.” But also a quarter of a million soldiers.

Domestic terrorism on the Maidan

Every year in February, while Ukrainians are proud of the achievements of the Revolution of Dignity and honor its tragic dates, the “Russian peace” is in hysterics. For the seventh year in a row, propagandists have been trying to prove that rebelling against tyranny is bad and killing one’s own citizens is normal.

At ZIK, Anna Herman shared a fantasy about weapons from Western Ukraine used by ” internal terrorists ” on the Maidan . Yanukovych’s aide also lied that the protesters shot at themselves. Of course, this fake examination was denied more than three years ago. But don’t you hope that the ex-regional admits that her regime killed people? Instead, Herman shouts that “Berkut” ” defended the state .” Andriy Lesyk calls people who carried out criminal orders ” heroes “. And Irina Palamar explainsthat Berkut members are forced to hide in Russia because they cannot achieve the truth in Ukraine. Russian propagandists obviously agree to protect anyone who has maimed Ukrainians.

Anna Herman talks about internal terrorists on the Maidan

It should be noted here that, unfortunately, Medvedchuk’s channels are still visited by someone other than his staff. And the theme of the Revolution of Dignity perfectly illustrated how such people are treated. Iryna Palamar argued that all Maidan supporters are paid, and those who do not believe in the color revolution are either ” stupid ” or paid. When the People’s Deputy “Servants of the People” began to talk about the crimes of Yanukovych’s government, he was immediately shouted at by the entire studio. And the ZIK presenters not only did not ensure order on the air, they themselves interrupted the guests if they mentioned improvements after the Revolution.

This, by the way, is a separate interesting question. Propagandists did not allow opponents to voice the positives, instead constantly inventing manipulations about the negatives. For example, Nadiya Savchenko shouted that our open borders with Europe were still closed by the coronavirus. Vasyl Nimchenko denied that the Ukrainian army had become stronger. Leaders mocked the desire for European integration, blamed the Revolution at the start of the war, and denied the economic crisis of 2013 that Yanukovych had cheap gas. This is ridiculous, because the biggest deterioration in 2013, citizens saw in the tariffs. In general, the regionals proved Ukraine up to six consecutive quarters of falling GDP and surrender of state interests in exchange for Russian money.

Also very funny this time it turned out with courts on the Maidan. Here Anna Herman asks whether any court has proved the Russian trace. Here the presenters ask to correctly quote the decisions of the courts. But Vasyl Nimchenko lightly states that the decisions of European courts do not matter. Perchynka adds that Vasyl Nimchenko himself is a former judge of the Constitutional Court. This explains a lot.

And yet the biggest lie about the Revolution of Dignity was the eyeliner of ZIK leaders on January 22. Junior propagandist Rostislav Sukhachev described the first killings of Maidan residents as follows: “The deaths of these people did not raise the whole country and did not unite it in the struggle. Vice versa. People saw that the Maidan was not a peaceful protest, but a place where they were killing. ” This is partly true … because Ukraine rose much earlier, despite all the aggression against Maidan residents. Two weeks before the first killings, a “March of Millions” took place in Kyiv. Back in December 2013, 12% of Ukrainians managed to take part in the actions And no propaganda will change Ukrainians. We have a Revolution of Dignity.

Riders of the language apocalypse

Hatred for Ukraine on Medvedchuk’s TV channels was also manifested in hatred for the Ukrainian language. Against the background of the entry into force of relevant legislation. And this time the propagandists not only defended the ” Russian-speakers “. They literally complained that people did not like to hear Ukrainian.

For example, propagandist Diana Panchenko told ZIK : “ Restaurateurs say […] that they would not want their waiters to address people in Ukrainian. Many [clients] will be annoyed by this […] My mother does not like it, for example, when she is addressed in Ukrainian ”. That explains so much. Panchenko also claimed that in her beauty salon the receptionists are now forced to speak Ukrainian, and the propagandist hears pain in her voices. In the ZIK story, a woman complained that she was forced to resign because she could not “ so quickly»Switch to Ukrainian. Hello, “OPZZh”, do you understand that you are proving the absolute necessity of the law? What else to do when, in the thirtieth year of independence, people still have antagonism to their own language? As for ” so fast “: 632 days passed between the adoption of the law and its entry into force .

Diana Panchenko claims that some Ukrainians are stressed by Ukrainians

However, let’s imagine for a second that it is normal not to perceive the language of our people. The legislation, in fact, provided for this. In the field of service, you are only obliged to speak Ukrainian for the first time . If the client then wishes to switch to Russian or another language, the employee can do so without any problems. In this case, for 632 days it was necessary to learn two words: “Good afternoon”.

On Russian channels, however, this situation was presented somewhat differently. Diana Panchenko insisted that even in the United States and Turkey you can speak Russian, and in Ukraine it is forbidden to respect customers. But Olena Bondarenko on NewsOne feared that employees would be fined for communicating with foreigners. She criticized the language law because staff may not know other languages ​​and will not be able to switch to them. Um, what’s the point of Ukrainian here? Anna Herman said she did not know of any country where language fines existed. It’s not news that Herman is incompetent, but he could at least google it .

The propagandists, of course, did not stop there. The transition to Ukrainian in Ukraine affected them like garlic to vampires. The ZIK presenter talked about the riders of the language apocalypse. Alexander Kachny on NewsOne saw signs of destruction of the state. Mikhail Chaplyga reached the genocide of Russian-speaking children. Diana Panchenko still could not calm down : “It became impossible to listen to the radio .” It will be recalled that the Russian chanson is still available on the Internet.

One fact provides a beautiful contrast to this story. Only once a week did Medvedchuk’s channels mention the interests of Ukrainian-speaking citizens, who are, in fact, the dominant majority in Ukraine . Yulia Hryshyna from the “Servant of the People” was not allowed to talk about them for even twenty seconds.

The American dream is shattered

The inauguration of the President of the United States caused less propaganda than expected, but still detrimental to mental health recovery. For the descendants of the scoop, it became another occasion to declare the fall of the States and to correct xenophobia.

The conversation on “112” resembled the comments of bots on Facebook. “If you are not an Asian, not a disabled person, not a homosexual […] If you are different, you have a priority,”  – resented host Pavlo Kuzheev. “The American dream is fading  ” Vadim Karasev echoed. He added that behind Biden are feminists, transgender people, antifa and Black Lives Matter. Vladimir Katzman said that the United States would never again be able to be a tuning fork of democracy. And Renat Kuzmin on ZIK predicted the beginning of the end of the States: ” Everything. The American dream is ruined, it is no more. There is no American dream in America, no society of equal opportunities, no freedom of speech, no fair justice. There is nothing like that. All lies». Who else to judge freedom and justice, if not a participant in the political persecution of Yuri Lutsenko.

Records in the cave “OPZZH” were set by Oleg Voloshin on ZIK. People’s Deputy Medvedchuk, together with the leaders, could not comprehend transgender people and women in power. The moderator directly said that she would not like to see transgender people in parliament. Then Voloshin was indignant at the black Jesus. Have you ever wondered what oriental men looked like in the first century? Pro-Russian politician to eventually climbed even in the theater: ” Stavyat performance on Brighton Beach at Hamilton, where heroes struggle for independence USA kotoryya bыl belыm. And black plays it. Why? And do you know what logic? But black came to the theater and thought: “Hmm, look, the heroes are only white. Black is there somewhere. I feel humiliated. “First, the play is staged on Broadway. Secondly, the main role is played by Lee-Manuel Miranda, a Latin American born in New York. Third, the casting of the show emphasizes the plot: it is a story about a migrant. And, in general, unlike Voloshin, the authors of “Hamilton” know what they are doing. They have a record number of Tony statuettes.

ZIK studio is afraid of transgender people

As a bonus to all this were stories about external management. Yuri Zagorodniuk told NewsOne that the United States made Zelensky president because he was the weakest candidate. Renat Kuzmin has been repeating the lie about the former Canadian ambassador to Ukraine all week, which we have already refuted in detail last month. In short, the diplomat did not claim that Ukraine is ruled by the United States and Britain. He said that these states give us advice.

NewsOne devoted an entire block of the talk show “Confrontation” to external influences, but it turned out to be completely stupid. Members of the government directly rejected calls from embassies and Diana Panchenko convinced that someone of them heard. A good counterargument. Mykhailo Chaplyha compared the partners’ policy towards Ukraine with the plan to dismember post-war Germany. But with such space stretches, from which utility bills turned out to be taxes. Vyacheslav Pikhovshek tried to prove that Mustafa Nayem was a man without a biography. And I really forgot to mention his biography, for example, five years as a deputy.

Recall that the ” rotting West ” as a term was born in the middle of the XIX century. He survived the Russian Empire, survived the Soviet Union, and now has every chance of surviving Putin’s Russia and its parasites. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

Medvedchuk’s slave trade

The main topic of the week for Medvedchuk’s TV channels was PR on the return of prisoners . When Russia for some reason decided to hand over four women not to Ukraine, but  to Putin’s godfather personally . Propagandists revolved around this whole festival.

To begin with, a pass from the aggressor was used banally for Medvedchuk’s PR. Anna Herman urged the audience to write letters of thanks to the leader of “OPZZH”! Renat Kuzmin praised the chief for ” civic courage .” And he claimed that Russian militants were literally ” persuading ” Putin’s godfather to take the prisoners. I wonder why then just not give them to the Ukrainian authorities through official channels? Oleg Voloshin insisted that Zelensky did not like Medvedchuk, because he showed that anything was possible: to lift the sanctions, to get the vaccine, and to release the prisoners. Vadym Rabinovych stated that Medvedchuk had never deceived anyone. Tell that to Vasyl Stus.

The PR of the leader of “OPZZh” looked so dull and straightforward that even without being a media critic, you could see the order. Just look at how Andriy Lesyk pushes Medvedchuk’s public relations at the end of a speech on a completely different topic, as if he remembered something. NewsOne presenter Vitaliy Dykyi looks into the camera during a speech about the owner. And pocket commentators throughout the week mentioned how many people Medvedchuk had already returned. But never mentioned. Renat Kuzmin claimed that it was a number of 1,600 people. Dmytro Marunych claimed 1,000. Yuri Dudkin said 900. And Artem Marchevsky claimed : ” In fact, more than 500. And the myth of the Kremlin’s ideal plans is shattered.

When Medvedchuk’s PR ended, pro-Russian TV channels inevitably moved on to the next question: why, in fact, is the Ukrainian government against such an exchange? In various forms, the propagandists responded with one reason: envy. Like, the main thing for Zelensky is PR and he doesn’t want anyone else to get the laurels. Renat Kuzmin voiced the alternative. After a whole week of propaganda, the people’s deputy spokethat it is necessary to ask in the power. And indeed, if you analyze the broadcasts on which this story was touched upon, it turns out that it was never discussed in the presence of dissidents. Medvedchuk’s channels kept their main topic in the greenhouse conditions of “OPZZh” for a whole week. All so that Ukrainians do not find out what is abnormal in the transfer of prisoners personally to Putin’s godfather. Several Ukrainian channels voiced several reasons: 1) it jeopardizes the existing system of negotiations, 2) it sets a precedent for the constant taking of hostages, 3) it puts the government incapable, and Medvedchuk the only negotiator.

And NewsOne, 112 and ZIK weren’t even ashamed of it. Dmytro Marunych said that it was possible to negotiate with Medvedchuk, but there was nothing to agree with the Ukrainian authorities. Oleg Voloshin argued that there was no alternative to Medvedchuk. Just Renat Kuzmin told that Russian fighters Medvedchuk transfer of prisoners to show that the Ukrainian government sabotages exchanges. And there were a dozen more such statements during the week. The ZIK presenter asked why the opposition had to play the role of power. Her colleague claimed that Zelensky simply had no desire to engage in exchange. The host of NewsOne generally quoted the militants:“… Zelensky’s team is no longer considered a worthy participant in the negotiations on the settlement of the conflict in Donbas . ” At the same time, the channel did not voice the Ukrainian position, so, apparently, it can be considered a terrorist media.

Host Lana Shevchuk quotes only the position of the militants. 
Which are not a party to negotiations at all

As a bonus, if you are still living there, the very fact of exchanging detainees was tried to prove the civil war. Olena Bondarenko said that the fact of the civil conflict proves the exchange of Ukrainians for Ukrainians. She called the process ” slave trade .” A similar opinion was expressed by Oleg Voloshin. Well, first, Ukraine also gave a significant number of Russians. Secondly, even on the ZIK website, the other side of the conflict is correctly indicated: “A plane with people who were handed over to Russia landed at the Russian airport” Vnukovo “.

Such hysteria was apparently intended to give the audience the impression that Ukraine was losing control of the situation. Russia transfers prisoners to the godfather of the President of Russia through a fake gasket (“LDNR”). And this process is covered all week by pro-Russian channels in a circle of exclusively pro-Russian guests. The event seems to exist in a vacuum separate from Ukraine. And yet it affects our elections.


Although it seems that Medvedchuk’s channels were just about to run out of time, in reality all of the above is just more or less systematic propaganda. Within a week, these media managed to produce a hundred more just completely idiotic situations. Unfortunately, it is impossible to list them all physically. So here are the best.

Anna Herman admitted that she thinks how to hide from vaccination. Renat Kuzmin argued that the government was not elected by Ukrainian citizens, but only by those who came to the polls. Within 20 seconds, Yuriy Zagorodniuk acknowledged and denied that Medvedchuk owned a media empire. “OPZZH” once tried to rename Kropyvnytskyi to Yelyzavetgrad. Dmytro Spivak forcibly hugged his co-host and said: “God be with him, with quarantine.” ZIK leaders persuaded the walruses that the PCU considered them the hand of Moscow. Renat Kuzmin called the creation of the PCU a manifestation of Nazism. Vyacheslav Pikhovshek confessedwho took part in Yanukovych’s trips while receiving a loan in Russia.

“Save” is written on Anastasia Marchenko’s face

The host of ZIK said that the United States is blackmailing Ukraine because of the plot of the Netflix movie. Irina Palamar decided that the coronavirus had been announced in the cinema in advance. NewsOne released a program on terrorism, where one of the guests was Nadezhda Savchenko. Vyacheslav Pikhovshek conducted his own program as a single guest. NewsOne showed a poll where 95% of people supported the Russian vaccine in Ukraine (other options are to wait a few years and corruption). Oleg Voloshin actually stated that the Russian vaccine ” outweighs the offense ” for the annexation of Crimea.

During the whole week, Medvedchuk’s three channels discussed Navalny’s investigation for a total of eight seconds .


So what is Ukraine? According to Medvedchuk’s channels, this is a state that is waging war against its own population. It is completely under US control. Engaged in verbal genocide. Specially does not release prisoners. Ignores the coronavirus vaccine. And somehow she was able to build a church through Nazism. The only question – then why “OPZZh” just will not finally escape to Russia?

Seriously, it seems that after seven years of war, Ukraine has approached a critical point of propaganda. The second largest party in our parliament is Putin’s godfather party. The revolution of dignity is directly called terrorism. Real terrorists are invited on the air . Plus, Azarov appears on pro-Russian channels every week. Ukraine holds a physical front line. But in the information war, the enemy is already in the capital.

The preparation of this monitoring report was made possible by the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which was provided through the project “Media Program in Ukraine”, which is implemented by the international organization Internews. This program strengthens the Ukrainian media and expands access to quality information. The contents are the sole responsibility of Media Detector and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID, the US Government or Internews.


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  • This is a translation from Ukrainian, so it might not be perfect. How is this blatant propaganda allowed to be aired by media run by the country at war with Ukraine? Why are these traitors not rotting in Ukraine’s filthiest dungeon? Why Zelensky?

    BTW. This Russian lover Hanna Herman, worked closely with Manafort on the election of Trump. Coincidence?

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