On “112” viewers were urged to write letters of thanks to Medvedchuk – monitoring

Authors:Marina DovzhenkoAccording to various versions, the head of the political council of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” has returned from 500 to 1,600 prisoners and has never deceived anyone.

Medvedchuk’s TV channels (112, ZIK and NewsOne) have made considerable efforts to cover the prominent role of the chairman of the Opposition Platform For Life political council in the return of Ukrainians captured by the separatists . In particular, NewsOne spoke about the militants, who ” no longer consider Zelensky’s team worthy participants in the negotiations on the conflict in Donbass,” and on Channel 112, former regional Anna Herman urged viewers to write letters of thanks to Medvedchuk. This is stated in the monitoring of information TV channels for January 18-24, 2021 .

Commentators mentioned during the week how many people had already been returned by Medvedchuk, but did not agree on the numbers. People’s Deputy from the “Opposition Platform – For Life” Renat Kuzmin  claimed that it was about 1,600 people. Political commentator Dmytro Marunych  said  about 1,000, Yuriy Dudkin  said  about 900. And the leader of the youth wing of the OPZZh and the top manager of the 112 channel Artem Marchevsky  claimed :  “Actually more than 500.”

Renat Kuzmin directly told ZIK  that Russian militants were handing over prisoners to Medvedchuk to show that the Ukrainian authorities were sabotaging exchanges. And the host of the channel stated that Zelensky simply has no desire to engage in exchange.

Former People’s Deputy from the Party of Regions Anna Herman on the air of “112 Ukraine”  called on  viewers to write letters of thanks to the leader of the OPZH. Renat Kuzmin praised Medvedchuk for his “civil courage” on NewsOne and  stressed that Russian militants were “persuading” Putin’s godfather to take the prisoners. Oleg Voloshin at ZIKu  argued that Zelensky dislike Medvedchuk, because he shows that anything is possible, and remove the sanctions, and to receive the vaccine, and to release prisoners. Vadim Rabinovych stated on the same channel  that Medvedchuk had never deceived anyone.

We will remind, on January 16 representatives of occupiers declared that they are ready to transfer four prisoners personally to Victor Medvedchuk, instead of to the official Ukrainian power. The Ukrainian delegation to participate in the Tripartite Contact Group stated that Russia and Medvedchuk were trying to use the  prisoners in their political interests. On January 21, the head of the Ukrainian delegation, Leonid Kravchuk, announced that the transfer of prisoners had been  suspended because the plane that was supposed to bring people had not taken off. On January 23, Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Lyudmyla Denysova  announced that the transfer would take place on the route Rostov-on-Don – Minsk – Kyiv, but so far this has not happened.

Read more about manipulations and tendencies on Medvedchuk’s channels in Yaroslav Zubchenko’s article .

Photo: screen 112-Ukraine 

(c) Detector.media


  • Does anyone in Ukraine really beieve this shit?

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    • Obviously yes. Some people in Ukraine actually think the USSR was a great place to live.

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    • Realised that I needed to make my comment more clear. I mean the absurd lie that Medvedchuk has made it possible to return the captives. Surely, people know that it is the government that has negotiated the releases.

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      • I don’t know how they square that circle either considering the Moskali line of BS is that the war is an internal Ukrainian conflict and they have nothing to do with it.
        Which begs the question, why on earth are they kidnapping Ukrainians?
        I hope people do write to Medvedfuk and give him a healthy dose of the truth.

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  • It’s time the plug was pulled on this Kremlin media site, and these traitors tossed in prison. Anyone with half a braincell can see what is happening here. Putin and his lapdog use these prisoners as a political tool, to make Medvedchuk and his Russian cohorts look good in Ukraine.

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    • In fat Merkel’s old homeland, the GDR, it was common practice to arrest certain individuals – of course, mostly on trumped up charges – only for the purpose to “sell” their freedom to West Germany for hard currency. Naturally, the sewer rat Pew-tin, who was a small light in the KGB back then (pun intended) learned from this methodology and is using it in new ways.

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