Joe Biden speaking 39 years ago about the invasion of the Falklands.

Remarkably prescient to more recent events.

This is extraordinary. There is none of the folksy, ‘c’mon man’- type bullshit. No liberal/left platitudes. Instead there is what appears to be a statesman; well-briefed and actually presenting a more conservative position than the incumbent Reagan administration. At that time the Ronnie/Maggie mutual appreciation axis had not yet been fully implemented and the GOP administration had yet to come out firmly on the British side.

The Falklands had been British since long before Argentina existed and there had been no indigenous occupants. Argentina was living under a widely unpopular dictatorship at the time. Its malignant fascist junta was struggling to survive. What to do? The answer of course to them was to inflame imperialist sentiment and bogus patriotism. So they invaded and immediately became popular.

Biden speaks firmly about the unacceptability of settling land disputes by the use of brute force and comes over in this interview as a man of principle.

What the hell happened? Within a few years of that, he had embraced the liberation theology and pro-IRA views of a degenerate; Ted ‘Chappaquiddick’ Kennedy.

Maybe there is still some of the integrity that he displays here still locked away inside him somewhere? Hope so.


  • There was a shithole country helping the enemy at that time and it wasn’t Russia. Its president at that time was a real maggot: Francois Mitterrand, who was a supporter and admirer of the Vichy France leader: Philippe Petain, ie a nazi collaborator. All French rulers hate Britain (and by association America) and are extremely accommodating to Russia. It’s a contractual obligation that has continued to this day.
    While our lads were fighting the Argies, French technicians were there; installing Exocet anti-ship missiles and training the enemy how to use them. Hundreds of Royal Navy personnel were burned to death as a result.

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  • Biden can only say what is drilled into him, and with help from prompters talking to him though his wire. Biden never had integrity unless it helped him directly. His mind is now almost gone.

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