Rada To Declassify Information On Salaries Of Management Of State-Owned Companies


The Verkhovna Rada intends to declassify information on the salaries of the management of state-owned companies.

282 MPs voted for the adoption of bill No. 3952, with the minimum required 226, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The document proposes to ensure openness of information on the structure, principles of formation and amounts of remuneration, fees, additional benefit of the head, deputy head of a legal entity of public law, a state enterprise or a state organization that aims to make a profit, a person who is a permanent or temporary member of an executive body or a member of the supervisory board of a business company, in the authorized capital of which more than 50% of shares (stakes, equities) are directly or indirectly owned by the state and/or territorial community.

These legal entities are proposed to be classified as managers of public information, and the corresponding information cannot be classified as information with limited access..

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in December 2020, the average salary increased by 18.3% compared to November or by UAH 2,192 to UAH 14,179 per month.

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  1. If this law is without loopholes and sans tricks and exceptions, maybe it’ll be a good measure. Those 168 members that voted against it should be investigated immediately.
    I can dream, right?

    • It seems pretty obvious that the people should know where their tax money is going and that certainly would include salaries. Then when their wives declare 10x their salary we can put them in dumpsters.

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