G7 ambassadors make statement on draft law on reforming SBU


The G7 ambassadors welcomed the draft law on reforming the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading.

The UK Presidency of the G7 Ambassadors’ Support Group in Ukraine wrote about this this on its Twitter account on January 29.

“G7 Ambassadors welcome positive steps towards reform of the SBU in line with international standards. We commend the role of President Zelensky, Deputy Prime Minister Stefanishyna and others in making this happen, and encourage them in completing the work that remains,” the report reads.

On January 28, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading the draft Law “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine ‘On the Security Service of Ukraine’” regarding the improvement of the organizational and legal framework of the Security Service of Ukraine.

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  1. For years me and my girls have been kneeling on the floor, begging that someone will finally crush all corruption with an iron fist… to no avail. I only make positive statements concerning corruption and Cargo 200.

    • I’m with you on this, Mike. Mafia land and the communist past have left deep and lasting scars upon Ukraine, down to its very soul.
      Not long after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I’ve met people in Germany who were former East German citizens. The stories they told me is merely a page of the book of what it was like in the entire Soviet Union and Eastern Block countries. Nothing they needed – paint for the house, spare car parts, faucets, wallpaper, tires, engine oil, cement, carpets, curtains, roof shingles, bricks, water pipes, electrical wires and so on – could be acquired without having the right connections and the required amount of money for the obligatory bribe. This corruption started from the very bottom of society and went all the way to the very top. It was the norm for decades, and, unfortunately, it persists across many areas of the east to this very day. It is difficult cancer to cure. Maybe it will be better when the Soviet-era people are too old or dead to have an impact anymore. Let’s hope that this scourge won’t be passed down to the following generations.

      • The ruSSo-oligarchs seem quite emboldened since Zelensky became president so when the younger generation sees their president supporting corruption it can be extended through another generation. Zelensky needs to lead by example. After all, he has property in Crimea if I remember right and we haven’t heard a peep out of him about that.

        • If that is true it is beyond outrageous.
          However, I always stop short of accusing Zel of being a covert kremlin asset, for one reason only: one of the few Ukrainian politicians I trust; Poro, is always at pains to stress that he is not actually a putlerite.
          My guess is that Zel decided (wrongly) to avoid any criticism of the rodent fuhrer for fear of antagonising the cunt and causing yet more loss of life.

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