IKEA to open its first physical store in Ukraine on Feb 1


The Sweden-based IKEA, the world’s largest retailer of furniture and household goods, has officially announced the opening of a store in Kyiv’s Blockbuster Mall on February 1, the company says in a press release.

“IKEA is pleased to announce the opening date of the first physical store in Ukraine. On February 1, the company will meet its first Ukrainian customers in a city-format store in Kyiv, which will be located at Blockbuster Mall. This event is another step towards expanding IKEA’s activities in the Ukrainian market after the launch of online store in May last year,” the statement reads.

The city-format store in Kyiv will be the first IKEA city-format store in the Southeast Europe region (Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia). “This format is part of the company’s new strategy, the goal of which is to get closer to people in the city centers and make its solutions and services for the home more accessible,” the press release reads.

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  1. Ah over there eh.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been over to that part.

    Not that I’m likely to go Ikea shopping while I’m there.

  2. With IKEA in Ukraine, expect rapidly increasing divorce and suicide rates strongly correlated with missing screws, bolts, furniture parts and incomprehensible instructions.

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