Atlantic council live Navalny debate

On YouTube right now. The full recording will be made available later today.

Link :

Vladimir Kara Mirza was speaking at length. He stated that $1.3 trillion of Russian criminal money, including that of the tiny poisoner, is stashed away in US jurisdiction locations.

Biden has a useful weapon at his disposal. He should take the lot and ask London to do the same. This money should be used to compensate Ukraine and Georgia. The rest can be returned to the Russian people once fascist imperialism has been extirpated, Russia disarmed and fascist imperialism abandoned. Which unfortunately is probably never.

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  1. “Biden has a useful weapon at his disposal.”
    It’s baffling that we haven’t confiscated these assets yet. What a powerful tool this could be.
    Oh well, seeing the presidents that we had … Obumer the coward, Trump the Pew-tin worshipper … it’s no wonder.
    But, Congress at least could have done something in this regard.

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