Putin’s Palace put up for sale

“Putin’s Palace” in Gelendzhik, which appeared in Navalny’s video investigation, has been put up for sale on the Russian real estate listing website Cian.

The four-storey brick house with a total area of 17,691 thousand sq m and a land lot of 678 acres is offered at a price of one billion rubles ($13.17 million USD), or 56,524 rubles ($744.42 USD) per sq m.

“The luxury residence is located on Cape Idokopas, on the Black Sea coast in the village of Praskoveevka. The village is located near the resort town of Gelendzhik. The Palace is under tight security, but any local resident will immediately be able to tell a curious tourist the best way to the complex to see it closely,” the posting reads.

The listing was posted by Maxim Grigoryan, who is registered on the website as a “private broker” with experience since 2012.

In addition to real estate, Grigoryan is engaged in consultations, notary, insurance, property management, and mortgage lending, according to his profile.

“Max is a wonderful realtor and a competent lawyer,” one user of the site writes in the reviews.

On Monday, Vladimir Putin vehemently denied that the “Palace” belongs to him.

In his investigation video, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny said that the Palace is worth almost $1.5 billion. There is a no-fly zone over the property enforced by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the Palace belongs to private entrepreneurs.

He added that the Kremlin “has no right” to disclose the names of these owners. “And we are not going to do that. That would be inappropriate,” the president’s spokesman said.

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  1. The new buyer of this house is one V Putin, sold to himself for a paltry $13 million. Of course this is a totally legitimate price, when you consider a top residency in Moscow with 4 bedrooms can cost $20 million.

    Update: The listing has already been removed from the real estate agents website. That was a quick sale.


  2. I smell a rat with this “sale” and its name is Vlad Pew-tin.
    Who’s this fabricated sale supposed to fool?

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