PACE proposes to abandon sanctions against Russia

The PACE is preparing to confirm the powers of the Russian delegation and abandon sanctions against Russia .

This is stated in the draft decision prepared by the Organization’s Monitoring Committee.

The draft criticizes Russia’s actions, but specifies that PACE strives for a constructive dialogue.

We are talking about amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which make it possible not to comply with the decisions of the ECHR, as well as steps aimed at consolidating the illegal annexation of Crimea. PACE also condemns authoritarian tendencies and toughening norms that undermine freedom of assembly. The arrest of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and the mass arrests at protest actions are also criticized.

At the same time, Russia is being urged to honor its commitments and engage in political dialogue.

“The Assembly underlines its continued commitment to dialogue as a means of achieving lasting solutions. The Assembly is the most important pan-European platform on which a political dialogue on the obligations of the Russian Federation with the participation of all interested parties can take place, and where the Russian delegation can be held accountable based on the values ​​and principles of the Council of Europe, ”the draft resolution says.

The vote for the document will take place on Thursday, January 28.

On January 25, Ukraine challenged the credentials of the Russian delegation to PACE . The initiative was supported by a sufficient number of PACE delegates – 38 with the required 30.

In 2019, PACE adopted a resolution that ensures Russia’s return to the organization without fulfilling its international obligations.

Since 2015, the Russian delegation has not had the right to vote in PACE due to the aggression against Ukraine. To achieve the lifting of the sanctions, the Russian side has suspended the payment of contributions to the Council of Europe since the end of June 2017.

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  1. This useless entity have finally admitted they allowed Muscovy back into this organisation, knowing full well they have no intention of abiding by any rulings. I wish the countries opposing this corrupt action by PACE would pull out, and make their own organisation. This would leave PACE with just Russian appeasers as members, Hungary, Germany and France.

  2. ‘In 2019, PACE adopted a resolution that ensures Russia’s return to the organization without fulfilling its international obligations.’


    • The draft proposing no sanctions against Muscovy was prepared by the Austrian MP Stefan Schennach. PACE also blocked a debate about the imprisonment of Navalny.

  3. Dick cancer is more useful than PACE. Some victims that it gets rid of are deplorable assholes that deserved to die. PACE supports deplorable assholes. No wonder, this shit organization is made up of assholes.

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