Crimea-based Koktebel wine factory sold to Russian company for USD 1.4 mln

Another company and a businessman competed during the auction that was held in Russia

Koktebel Vintage Wines Factory, LLC purchased the Koktebel wine factory in the annexed Crimea. The price made 1.4 million dollars. The respective information appeared on the Russian website that publishes information about trading operations.

A company from St.Petersburg and businessman Andriy Shklovsky from Perm (Russia) also competed in the auction.

In March 2014, the Crimean self-styled “government” decided that the property in the annexed peninsula should be nationalized. 131 companies, including famous wine factories Magarach and Masandra were taken under the government control.

Masandra was sold in Crimea last December; the price made 72 million dollars. The only owner is Yuzhnyi Proekt LLC, the affiliated company of Rossiya bank.

After the sale of Masandra factory, Ukraine claimed intentions to impose new international sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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  1. A waste of these crooks’ money since they will lose everything when Crimea is returned to its rightful owner. But, this doesn’t matter … it will be schadenfreude pure.

    • At a price of $1.4 million, it sounds like this company has already been Russified. All the stock has probably been stolen, the only thing the new “owners” are paying for is the name.

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