Kyiv: Ukraine will cut itself off from power grids of Russia and Belarus

Ukraine is going to cut itself off from the power grids of Russia and Belarus, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmyrto Kuleba on air of TV channel “Ukraine 24”.

“Ukraine’s goal is to join the EU’s electricity supply system in 2023. This means that we should cut ourselves off from the Belarusian and Russian systems and fully integrate into the EU,” Kuleba said.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Kyiv continues to adhere to this strategy.

“We are on this path. And for me as the foreign minister it is fundamentally important. Everything we do along the way is all tactics. And the strategy remains the same. We will finally cut ourselves off from the power grids of Belarus and Russia,” he said.

Since January 1, 2021, Ukraine abolished the preferential electricity tariff for the population.

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  1. Ukraine should cut itself off from anything Russian asap. The leading online retailer in Ukraine (Rozetka), is full of goods from a Russian origin, which is a disgrace.

      • I hope that I will live to see the day when those oligarchs get the Mussolini treatment. It would be a fine sight to see…

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