Arahamia about Boyko: He generally has a very pro-Ukrainian position on almost all issues

“You know, no. Boyko generally has a very pro-Ukrainian position on almost all issues, ”said the head of the Servant of the People.

In addition to Boyko, Arahamia most often communicates with Viktor Medvedchuk, Mikhail Papiev, Sergei Lyovochkin.

He did not disclose details about their pro-Ukrainian position.

“Many have assets here, they want to work and invest in Ukraine,” added Arakhamia.

Representatives of the HLE have visited Russia on several occasions in the past , and also met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In March 2020, the head of the Servant of the People faction, David Arakhamia, said that the SBU should give a legal assessment of the trip of People’s Deputies from the OPSO to the Russian Federation to meet with representatives of the State Duma and the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin.

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  1. “You know, no. Boyko generally has a very pro-Ukrainian position on almost all issues, ”said the head of the Servant of the People.

    This very statement shows that the Servant of the People party should be renamed Servant of Putin party. This is an absolutely scandalous statement, not falling far short of treasonous.

  2. “Many have their stolen assets here, they want to rob and rape Ukraine,” should be a more truthful statement.

  3. Disturbing, to put it mildly. I tried to find some info on Arakhamia and there isn’t much. Apparently he fled Russian-occupied Abkhazia to live in Mykolaiv in 1992. So you might think he would be grateful to Ukraine. It seems he was for a while. In March 2014 Arahamia, along with friends, started a website to raise funds for the equipment of the paratroopers of the 79th Airmobile Brigade. He was then appointed advisor to the governor of Mykolaiv oblast. Then he became an adviser to the Ministry of Defence.
    So far so good, but then in February 2020, he announced the possibility of restoring water supply to Crimea.
    There are many examples of people with a history of criticism of putlerstan who then execute a 180° turn. High profile examples include Alex Jones, who used to describe putler as a ‘demon’ until he switched sides after the invasion of Georgia. Viktor Orban was highly critical of that invasion, but when Ukraine was invaded he switched too.
    Whether bribery, threats or kompromat, this sort of thing is unfortunately still going on. I happened to be listening to putler shill Michael Savage whilst he was interviewing Trump in around April 2014. Trump was sounding off on a wide range of issues and then caught Savage off guard with a very negative comment about putler. Savage instantly cut in and steered him off to another topic. The next time Trump appeared on the show, Trump was fully signed up to Savage’s horrendous kremlin propaganda.

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