London – “Londongrad”, Putin, and the Russian influence. The United Kingdom without the EU

A year has passed since the Great Britain started the process of withdrawal from the EU. January 31, 2020 marked the official Brexit. What did the country become, having left the EU? What security challenges it faced, in spite of its strong intelligence agencies? How did withdrawal from the EU influence the brits? Are there any separatist tendencies observed in Scotland and Northern Ireland? The “Security Code” host Tetiana Popova discussed these and other topics with her guest, British writer and journalist Luke Harding.

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  • Good video which highlights that UK politicians are just as rotten as the rest. Russian money talks very loud in London, it’s a disgrace that Putin got away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist for the attempted murder of Skripal.

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  • The Guardian is one of the most ridiculous papers in the free world. That particular reporter seems at least notionally anti-putler but I never trust anyone who prefixes the name of a mass murderer with ‘Mr’, as if he’s someone to be respected. Then he reveals his paper’s strong support for a filthy kremlin agent; Assange, which is exactly what to expect from them.
    When putler invaded Ukraine in 2014, it published a stream of articles by a vile Corbyn sidekick; Seumas Milne, a millionaire Stalinist, who simply parroted kremlin propaganda. Quite often his lies and hate exceeded what you would see in Sputnik or RaT.
    So I would suggest that the Ukrainians avoid contact with the Guardian. They are treacherous bastards. ‘Mr’ Harding claims that the Russia ‘hates’ the EU, which is again total bullshit, since Germany and France are active collaborators with the putinazi regime. So much so that any ‘Normandy’ format meeting in reality is three against one.

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  • Seeing the unimaginable amounts of money that Pew-tin and his cronies have looted from Russia over the course of his dick-tatorship and that much of it has ended up in London, is it a wonder that so many Brits are bought and paid for Ruskie whores?

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    • Do you mean ordinary British people? Or do you mean politicians and media?
      There is only a minuscule level of support for Russia amongst the general population and those numbers reflect amongst the chattering classes. There are a few high profile putler shills in British media and politics and I make it my business to name and shame the bastards as often as possible. On the far right: Peter Hitchens, Farage, Nick Griffin, Katie Hopkins. Far left : Seumas Milne, JeremIRA CorbLenin, George Galloway, Alex Salmond.
      In America the numbers are much greater since they include the entire alt-right.
      Plus there is far more criminal Russian money invested in Florida, LA and New York than in Britain.

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