Russia Urges Biden to Be ‘More Constructive’ Over Arms Treaty

Russia on Wednesday urged U.S. President Joe Biden’s new administration to take a “more constructive” approach in talks over the extension of the New START treaty, Washington’s last arms reduction pact with Moscow.

“We expect that the new U.S. administration will take a more constructive approach in its dialogue with us,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement

“We are ready for such work on principles of equal rights and taking mutual interests into account.”

The agreement, which caps the number of nuclear warheads between the two powers, is set to expire on February 5.

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the administration of Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump of “deliberately and intentionally” dismantling international arms control agreements.

Moscow accused the previous U.S. administration of not planning to extend New START, referring to its “counterproductive and openly aggressive” approach in talks.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the treaty should be extended in its current version and “without any pre-conditions,” adding that prolonging the arms pact for five years would be “preferable.”

“This would allow Russia and the United States to seriously begin a joint search for responses to the issues of international security and strategic stability that are now arising,” the ministry said in the statement.

“At the same time the current level of transparency and predictability in relation to New START would remain in place which would be in the interests of security of both our countries and the whole world.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin last year proposed a one-year extension on New START.

President Donald Trump’s administration had unsuccessfully sought to expand the treaty to bring in China, which has a fast-growing military that remains significantly smaller than those of Russia and the United States.

(c) The Moscow Times


  • “We are ready for such work on principles of equal rights and taking mutual interests into account.”

    Here we go again, Muscovy wanting to be treated as an equal to the US, with the right to invade any country unfortunately close enough to smell the shit coming out of there. Russia are equal to Italy economically, China, Syria and Venezuela in human rights and equal to NK in oppressing their own countrymen. Besides nukes, where do Russia come anywhere close to being an equal to the US?

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    • And then they join the US Democrats in criticizing Trump for insisting on “pre-conditions.” Of course the Moskali didn’t want the pre-conditions that Trump insisted on. The main pre-condition was transparency in actually counting the nukes that they claim to dismantle. Heaven forbid! I expect Reset 2.0 to commence.

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  • Looky here, mafia land wants an arms treaty.
    No doubt, their weapons are old, older and oldest and they lack the money to make new ones and so they need an arms treaty to prevent from falling behind too much.
    Mafia land should better move its eyeball to its neighbor to the south where the bat virus came from. There lurks the real danger.

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