Over 100,000 tourists visited Mukachevo last year despite lockdown


More than 100,000 tourists visited the city of Mukachevo, Zakarpattia region, in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

“According to the Mukachevo Historical Museum, 105,538 tourists visited Mukachevo in 2020,” the press service of the Mukachevo City Council wrote on its Facebook page.

The city has five tour operators, 13 travel agencies, the Mukachevo City Tourist Information Center, the Zakarpattia Region Water Tourism Federation and the Velobike Mukachevo Bicycle Club, which provide a wide range of travel services for both domestic and foreign tourists.

There are 26 hotel enterprises of various forms of ownership, two private estates, four hostels and three motels.

At the same time, city festivals were not held in Mukachevo last year due to quarantine, even the traditional Chervene Vyno wine festival was organized online.

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    • Get yourself on a Coach tour from Lviv Mike, we did one some years ago, but it also went to the Spas at Berehove and somewhere I can’t remember the name of, plus a Wine cellar tour with tasting, with an overnight in a local home. The tour then went back to Lviv, but we left it there and went on for nearly a week to a smaller Spa near Khust.

      • Lviv region is a very nice travel destination. We took bus tours to a few castles/fortresses near Lviv. It was a great time. Lviv itself also has much to offer, especially the underground cafes and bars.

        • There are an incredible number of Restaurants in Lviv, a lot if not most have some kind of theme, I’ve only been to a few as my Wife has her favourites and you know what Women are like.

          • Yes, I do. Ukrainian women like to say that the man is in charge but don’t mention that that’s only an assumption. 😉

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