OMON began to force people out of Vnukovo airport

OMON officers began to force people out into the street who had gathered at the entrance to Vnukovo airport, where politician Alexei Navalny was to arrive . This was reported by Mediazona.

Those who do not fly anywhere were called by security officials to leave the airport building with the help of loudspeakers .

Earlier,  Lyubov Sobol, Ruslan Shaveddinov and several other associates of Navalny were detained in Vnukovo . The journalists of Novaya Gazeta Vlad Dokshin and Dozhda Eduard Burmistrov were also detained.

(C)UNIAN 2021


  1. “Vnukovo Airport announced that the plane with Navalny has been diverted to Sheremetyevo Airport. Pobeda Airlines told Dozdh TV that three of their flights were diverted due to “technical reasons.”

    Muscovy don’t want any witnesses when Navalny commits suicide.

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