Navalny was detained at Sheremetyevo

Police officers took opposition leader Alexei Navalny away from passport control at Sheremetyevo airport, according to the BBC Russian Service.

The politician’s lawyer Olga Mikhailova was not allowed to accompany him.

The police refused to explain whether they were detaining Navalny, writes the BBC Russian Service

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  • They sure went to a lot of trouble and expense to keep journalists away from Navalny. Why is Putin so scared of this guy, it’s not likely he’ll ever be allowed to run in any election again?

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    • Fascists just hate opposition. He’s killed opposition in Moskovia. Similar to the impeachments and bannings of Trump, the fascists just hate opposition and the fundamentals of democracy.

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      • It’s strange that Putin hasn’t had him killed yet. Maybe he doesn’t see Navalny as much of a threat as Nemtsov, so is just harrassing him at every opportunity.

        I like the reason Muscovy gave for arresting him. They said he broke his probation agreement, while recovering in Germany, where Muscovy sent him in the first place. 🤣

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        • That’s true, they openly supported him going to Germany even though they said they didn’t find any poison. Germany threatened Moskovia if they didn’t investigate so we’ll see what happens next. This may be the last time we see Navalny before he’s turned into a vegetable or gets beaten to death.

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    • Why is Luka so scared of Svetlana, why is Biden so scared of Trump? I think we know the answer…


  • The human rights organization Amnesty International recognizes Navalny as a prisoner of conscience

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  • Yulia Navalnaya left the airport. She refused to answer journalists’ questions, giving only a short comment before getting into the car.

    I am very grateful to all of you for coming. They are so afraid of Alexei that they have paralyzed almost all flights in Moscow tonight, have let so many people down simply because of the man who flew to his homeland. And the most important thing is that Alexey said today that he is not afraid. And I am not afraid, and I urge you not to be afraid. Thank you for support.

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