In St. Petersburg, they detained activists who were going to Moscow to meet Navalny. The correspondent of “Mediazona” David Frenkel was also detained

Updated . Mediazona correspondent David Frenkel, who was going to fly to Moscow, was detained at the Pulkovo St. Petersburg airport, Mediazona 

reports .

In St. Petersburg, on January 16, the head of the local headquarters of Alexei Navalny, Irina Fatyanova, and activist Ilya Gantvarg were detained. Fatyanova told about this to “Fontanka”.

According to her, she and Gantvarg were taken off the train to Moscow. They were going to go there to meet Navalny, who is due to fly from Germany on January 17. “They explained to me that we were allegedly preparing riots in Moscow, and a certain citizen complained about me,” Fatyanova said.

Under the pretext of planning mass riots in Moscow , Andrei Makashov , editor of the telegram channel Objective Realiy, was detained at the Moskovsky railway station in St. Petersburg . He, along with Fatyanova and Gentvarg, was taken to the police station number 76, but was soon released, according to Objective Realiy. It is not specified whether protocols were drawn up for them.

Also in the St. Petersburg airport “Pulkovo” before boarding a flight to Moscow, the chief editor of the telegram channel “Agit Russia” Pavel Ivankin and activists Alexei Barich and Alexander Krai were detained . They were taken to the police station. Possible preparations for the riots in Moscow were also named as the reason.

In addition, the security forces seized the car of the “Postcard” coordinator in the Leningrad region Dmitry Skurikhin, who was going to meet Navalny. The car with the words “Say No to Putin!” Was taken, ostensibly for an examination of the slogan. In this case, last spring the car was already checked – and the inscription on it was already, notes “Postcard”.

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  • Updated . By lunchtime on January 17, a whole convoy of paddy wagons was pulled into the airport .
    Earlier, the St. Petersburg newspaper “Fontanka” reported that in connection with Navalny’s arrival, power structures in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities were put on high alert.

    According to the newspaper, practically all personnel of the MIA Centers “E”, departments for combating terrorism and extremism of regional departments of the FSB, as well as divisions of the National Guard are at their workplaces.

    The security officials received instructions to take aggressive measures only in case of emergency, Fontanka wrote. “We don’t need sacred sacrifices,” said one of the sources of the publication.

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  • and a certain citizen complained about me,” Fatyanova said………………………Let me guess who? hahahahaha

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    • The Kremlinals are scared to death that Navalny will get a warm reception. After the reports yesterday that the media will not be allowed to cover his return because of COVID…cough cough…I guess COVID disappeared today so they could send a convoy to sack Navalny’s supporters……

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  • The official Twitter account of Vnukovo Airport compared Navalny’s return from Berlin to the Nazi German invasion of the Soviet Union, saying that the airport had “met planes from Germany in 1941 and will meet them in 2021.”

    Only Muscovy could involve nazis in a statement concerning a Russian citizen returning from Germany. Are those planes carrying Schroeder & Co also nazi planes, or do they come from a different Germany?

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