Nord Stream 2 pipeline construction postponed

The process was supposed to resume on January 15, but the operator company referred to checks of the equpiment, which should take several days

Nord Stream 2 company has postponed the resumption of construction of the gas pipeline, which was supposed to take place on January 15. Handelsblatt reported that, citing the operator’s representative.

The operator company claimed that checks of the equpiment are taking place. “It should take several days, so we cannot point out at a certain date of resumption of the works”, the message said.Related: Germany approves creation of special foundation to complete Nord Stream 2 bypassing U.S. sanctions

As is known, the U.S. prepares a new set of sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, as Reuters reported.

It is noted that the U.S. State Department has already warned the European companies that help in the construction of the pipeline about possible sanctions.

Soon, the U.S. State Department should publish a report about companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 construction. The report might include the companies that deal with the insurance, helping to lay the undersea pipeline, or verify the project’s construction equipment.

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  1. Why are Muscovy still flogging this dead horse? As soon as the US sanctions kick in, this pipeline will just be a rusty monument to Muscovy geopolitical blackmail.

    • I wish more countries would join in on the sanctions. This vanity project is purely a political shakedown of Ukraine. If European countries don’t see it then they’re blind or greedy. It’s like sleeping with Hitler and hoping he kills you last. Especially after January of 2020 when Putin was forced to sign a gas extension with Ukraine because NS2 wasn’t done. It is as obvious as Putin’s duck walk that gas transmission through Ukraine will stop if NS2 opens. I’d bet the farm on it.

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