Russia Says Trump Ban a ‘Nuclear Blast in Cyber Space’

Russia on Thursday compared the decision of social media giants to suspend U.S. President Donald Trump’s accounts to a “nuclear blast in cyber space” with the consequences hard to predict.

“The decision of U.S. internet platforms to block the head of state can be compared to a nuclear blast in cyber space,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Facebook.

“It’s not the destruction that’s scary but the consequences,” she added.

“A blow has been dealt against democratic values proclaimed by the West.”

Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were suspended last week following the violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol by a mob of his supporters, which disrupted the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.

Twitter went a step further by deleting Trump’s account, depriving him of his favorite megaphone.

Zakharova pointed to a chorus of critics in the West including German Chancellor Angela Merkel calling the Twitter ban “problematic.”

The social media ban, said Zakharova, was one more reason for U.S. authorities to “take care” of their own country instead of criticizing Moscow.

She made the statement after Washington expressed concern over a crackdown on independent media in Russia, among other issues.

(c) The Moscow Times


  1. RuSSia’s invasion in Ukraine was indeed a nuclear blast to mutual relations and understanding. When (ruSSian) censors and liars condemn US censorship it sounds like a killer condemning a rapist.

  2. “A blow has been dealt against democratic values proclaimed by the West.”

    Hmm, really? We know if a Russian company had banned the dwarf from social media, the result would have been far different. The guy owning the company would now be dead, and one of Putin’s henchmen would now be running it. That’s the difference between Muscovy and the USA.

  3. Those murderous bastards certainly are fond of the old boy aren’t they? It gives a horrible sick feeling in the stomach.
    Related: disqus alt-right sites are currently promoting a story from ‘RealRaw News’ that claims that :
    “During the predawn hours on New Year’s Day, Delta Force operators infiltrated a Biden-controlled stronghold in southeast Ukraine near the port city of Mariupol, according to an anonymous White House Source who said President Trump greenlit the operation following a series of telephone calls to US military commanders and to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.”
    For more of this utter bullshit see:

      • ‘The Biden compound’. The pricks are going for a Bin Laden vibe with this one. Sadly thousands of alt-right shit heads believe it.

          • The kremkrappers recycle old lies when they run out of ideas! Unfortunately for Ukraine, this bullshit does work. Which is why Trump’s devotion to the rodent fuhrer has been so damaging to Ukraine. Every time the word Ukraine comes up in alt-right/Trumpkov fanboy sites, it is always with derision. Helped along by greasy putler shill Giuiliani, who absurdly convinced Trump that it was Ukraine, not Russia, that interfered in the 2016 election.

            • I prefer Cruz or Pompeo over Trump anytime. Sadly an anti-anglo POS will be in charge soon. After cheese comes no butter, as we say in Denmark.

              • The problem with politicians, it’s hard keeping up with them. I have nothing against Cruz, but he does seem to be a hypocrite.

                “In 2016 Cruz vilified Trump, calling him a pathological liar and morally unfit for the presidency. However, Cruz would become a staunch support of Trump after the latter won the presidency.”

                • Cruz needed to gain profile. He needs to drag the ‘Trumptards’ to his side at all cost. I still consider both Cruz and Pompeo fit for office. They are no asslickers and both hate RuSSia and Castro.

                  • It’s OK getting them onside, but they will also ditch him just as quick, if they think he goes against Trump.

                • Can you imagine how you would feel if one of your peers accused your dad of being complicit in the murder of JFK? (With not a shred of evidence of course). Yet Ted decided to support Trump even after that!

    • Just had a look at this website. This is their “about us” content.

      “Real Raw News ( is an award-winning independant publisher dedicated to exposing political and scientific corruption. Our indepth and substantive investigations frequently focus us politics, war, conspiracy, the media, technology, criminal injustice, and more. We provide journalists editorial freedom to expose corruption wherever it is found. We are apolicial, and we have no dog in the fight, as they say.”

      For a website that has only existed since December 29 last year, and has a total of 23 articles to it’s name, and no names of any authors appear on the articles, I would say they are full of BS. What awards have they received, Hero of the Russian Federation?

  4. Is it hard to imagine what the consequences would be for those in charge of a social media group that dares to silence the sewer rat?
    That’s right; many elevator detonations and people shooting themselves in their backs.

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