Roskomnadzor asked journalists to translate discordant foreign words “from a position of high professional standards”

Roskomnadzor has published on its website a recommendation for the media regarding the spelling of dissonant foreign names, surnames and geographical names.

The corresponding statement appeared after the department’s office for the Saratov region demanded that the Svobodnye Novosti agency remove the comment under the post where readers played in the city. One of the users wrote in Russian the abbreviated name of the Mexican city of Ojuelos de Jalisco  (in Spanish Ojuelos de Jalisco). Roskomnadzor considered it obscene, after which the editorial staff deleted the comment.

The ministry said in a statement that the spelling of foreign words that are consonant with obscene in Russian is not subject to the law on the media, but “often becomes an element of attracting increased attention to media materials.”

The choice of the literal spelling or pronunciation of such words always remains with the editors of the media and reflects the level of culture and professionalism of journalists and chief editors of the media. Roskomnadzor asks all media outlets to approach the transcription of dissonant foreign surnames, first names and geographical names from the position of high professional standards and taking into account the perception of the audience, especially children and adolescents.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


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