More than 60 children in Buinaksk were hospitalized with poisoning


 According to updated data , the number of poisoned people in Buinaksk has grown to 71, including 61 children. The UK  opened a criminal case under the article on the provision of services that do not meet security requirements.

Several dozen children in Buinaksk were hospitalized with poisoning, according to the city administration’s instagram.

“The number of poisoned children in Buinaksk has exceeded 50,” the post said.

In the children’s city hospital in Buinaksk, Interfax was told that the exact number of poisoned children will be able to say “after their registration.”

The Dagestan Department of the Investigative Committee began an inspection; the department named dirty drinking water as the preliminary cause of the poisoning.

The mayor of Buinaksk, Islamudin Nurgudaev, told TASS that the reason is considered “gift sets, where there could be expired products.” Parents call the cause of the poisoning tangerines or juice, the agency reports the words of the mayor.

The age of the poisoned children is not reported, in the photo on the Instagram of the Buinaksk mayor’s office – most likely, preschoolers or elementary school students. The symptoms of poisoning are also not named, in the comments on Instagram they write about the high temperature.

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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