China scooping up bankrupt Russian defense companies

Russian media, citing informed sources, reports a sharp increase in the activity of the Chinese authorities in the Russian Federation. The sources said that Russian special services are investigating purchases through front persons of Russian defense companies and holdings, which are going through bankruptcy.

This allowed China to gain access to some of the technologies that have been previously de facto closed to it.

The seizure of the Saratov Aviation Plant and the Volgograd Shipbuilding Plant are among such cases.

The Russian authorities launched an investigation, during which financial statements were seized, indicating that the funds received from China were used to facilitate seizing the shipyard in Volgograd.

“In the recording presented to the court, the defendant in the case, Oleg Fomin, confessed to one of his accomplices, that he was acting “in the interests of the People’s Republic of China”. Fomin was also involved in seizure of the Saratov Aviation Plant,” reports the Russian Telegram channel VCHK-OGPU.

Earlier, Russian military experts noted China’s plan to create the most powerful army along the southeastern borders of Russia. Russian analysts have long talked about China’s plans to expand into the territory of Eastern Siberia.

(c)UAWIRE 2021

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  • I’ve always warned the Ruskie trolls in the past that the real danger to their country is not the United States but the Chinese dragon. It is lurking below their belly, getting ready to bite. Maybe the dragon doesn’t have to bite after all. Buying up whatever is worth buying will finish the mafiosi just the same.

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