As Ukraine looks to China for Covid-19 vaccine, Kiev reveals it won’t accept Russian Sputnik V – even if it’s approved by WHO

By Jonny Tickle Ukraine’s foreign minister has revealed that Kiev does not intend to buy the Russian Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine, even if its effectiveness is confirmed by regulators, and accused Moscow of caring more about propaganda than people.

Speaking to TV channel 1+1, Dmitry Kuleba said that the “propaganda capabilities of Sputnik V far exceed its real capabilities and effectiveness,” and detailed his belief that if Ukraine imported the Russian vaccine into the country, it would be used by the Kremlin to score points.

“As a member of the government, I would oppose such a decision,” he said. “Russia does not care about the health of Ukrainians. It cares about imposing its propaganda cliches and ideology by supplying the vaccine, even if it were effective.”

The World Health Organization has approved the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine for emergency use, even though its safety and effectiveness can’t be guaranteed after such a short timeframe. All other formulas, including Sputnik V, are yet to be accepted.

“There is a factor that is much more important than a medical one, from the point of view of Russia’s interest. This is a propaganda factor,” Kuleba said.

In recent weeks, Kuleba has repeatedly warned that Ukraine will not buy the Russian vaccine, even though officials also admit Kiev is having difficulty obtaining Western-made alternatives. On December 29, he called Sputnik V “a weapon of hybrid warfare.”

President Volodymyr Zelensky has also noted that the country would prefer to get a US- or EU-produced equivalent, noting that it would be impossible to justify rejecting help from Russia if the West refuses to supply jabs.

However, following Washington’s ban on the export of Covid-19 vaccines, Kiev has turned to Beijing instead of Moscow. According to Lekhim, a Kharkov-based pharmaceutical company, Ukraine will receive 5 million doses of the Chinese Sinovac before establishing production of the vaccine within the country in 2022.

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  1. “Russia does not care about the health of Ukrainians. It cares about imposing its propaganda cliches and ideology by supplying the vaccine, even if it were effective.”

    100% true, that’s why Putin’s lapdog Medvedchuk, is pushing for this fake vaccine to be used in Ukraine. I wouldn’t use the Chinese vaccine either, this is like asking the arsonist help to put out the fire.

    • China has worked in close cooperation with Biontech from March last year, I will guess it’s much safer than the one from the Novichok producer 😉

        • I didn’t say I trust it, just that I believe it to be safer than the other one 🙂 i don’t blame China for the virus as it’s many countries that eat snakes and other animals that can be infected, even many so called civilized countries. We had the cow disease only some years ago in Europe. What I blame them for is that they tried to hide what did happen, what has been a disaster for the whole world. Unfortunately their GDP is only weakened by -2.5%

          • Innocent people usually do not hide the facts or the truth. It was reported very early on that local reporters and European reporters in China believed it was leaked from China’s number one lab in Wuhan. Problem is, the world didn’t pay attention because they were focused on the bogus impeachment of Trump.

  2. Having bat virus land to acquire a vaccine for Covid 19 is like having Marlboro give you an anti-nicotine gum.
    I too would never trust any vaccine from the country which is the source of the bat virus.

    • The Clown already made a contract with the Chinks for their vaccine. I for one won’t be taking it, or any Russkie vaccine. Hopefully one of the Western vaccines will become available in Ukraine.

        • Ukraine is now on lockdown again. It’s the strangest lockdown I have ever seen. Essential items like food are on sale, and other items like household chemicals and hygiene products. This is fair enough, supermarkets are open, but the aisles with non essential items for sale are blocked off, which seems a pointless exercise to me. Either supermarkets are open, or closed. How will banning the sale of non food items combat the bat virus?

        • It’s the same with Alina. I told her she need a proof for vaccination to enter a plane, but no. Then I told her that now she need to take a train, or drive, to Ukraine 😀 I will take it!

          • I have had PCR tests done before leaving the country for both the last two times I returned from Ukraine because it was said to be mandatory to avoid quarantine upon a return from a red zone, which Ukraine is. both times nobody asked to see my test results! Both times, I went through the effort to get tested and paid money and once I even had to get a separate translation to English. Both times and not a soul wanted to see any of it! I think that not getting vaccinated might end the same way.

      • I hope everyone in Ukraine waits. Who the hell would spend tons of money on a 50/50 vaccine? It’s just like their testing kits were 50/50 and the same with everything that comes out of that pigsty.

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