“Opposition Platform – For Life”: Ukraine should cancel the lockdown, raise the economy and fight the epidemic, and it’s time to send the mediocre Ze-power to the lockdown


The Ukrainian government hid from responsibility to citizens for the fight against the epidemic and for the situation in the country. Instead of solving the accumulated problems from the first days of the year, she simply decided to extend her Christmas holidays by sending Ukraine to another lockdown. This is stated in the statement of the party “Opposition Platform – For Life”.

“For ten months since the beginning of the pandemic, the Ze-team was unable to strengthen the health system, help doctors and equip hospitals with the necessary equipment. Tens of billions of hryvnias from the budgetary Fund for the fight against Covid-19 were rolled into the asphalt of fake“ big construction projects ”and distributed to the security forces and officials. There are still not enough places in hospitals and free tests, many Ukrainians have to pay at high, commercial prices to at least know about their health. Prospects for the purchase, transportation and storage of Western vaccines remain vague. At the same time, the government stubbornly blocks production and even testing of Russian drugs in Ukraine, “the document says.

It noted that there is still no peace in Ukraine and an armed conflict continues in Donbass, which Ze-power promised, but refused to resolve.

“The country’s economy is in a critical situation. At the end of the year, Ukrainian GDP and social standards continue to fall. Deindustrialization is in full swing. Agriculture is falling, a crisis in the transport sector. High unemployment persists, millions of Ukrainian families survive on the brink of poverty. But the government and the parliamentary majority still have no strategy, no program, no plan to help the economy. They just inflate utility rates for the population, put pressure on entrepreneurs, distribute budget money to financial speculators, officials, security officials and wait for new instructions from the IMF and foreign creditors, ” in the party.

“Opposition Platform – For Life” requires the Ze-team to get out of the invented vacation, return from hot countries, ski resorts, where one day of rest costs more than the average pension in Ukraine.

“It is necessary to gather parliament and urgently make changes to the anti-people budget adopted” under the Christmas tree “. Help people, raise salaries and pensions, increase funding for medicine, support the domestic economy and Ukrainian regions. Work or leave. Make room for those who bring peace to the country with poverty and will ensure the development of the economy, “- said in a statement.

(C)112UA 2021


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