Atlantic Council: End the Russian veto on Georgian accession

At NATO’s 2008 Bucharest Summit, the allies refused to go along with a US push to offer Georgia a Membership Action Plan (MAP), but agreed that it would someday become a member of the Alliance. Germany and France intended for this equivocation to allay Russian objections, yet it was seized upon by Vladimir Putin as an opportunity to block Georgia’s path to the Alliance. In August 2008, a mere four months after the Bucharest Summit, Russia invaded Georgia and occupied twenty percent of its internationally recognized territory. With some creativity and bold political will, however, Georgia’s accession into NATO is still feasible, despite the Russian occupation.

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  • If those countries opposed to Georgia and Ukraine had grown a spine, two wars would have been prevented. No prizes for guessing the main culprits.

    “German Minister of Foreign affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier talked about Ukraine and Georgia and tried not to provoke Russia by doing so, as they are both on Russia’s borders and are both former Soviet states. Romanian President Traian Băsescu said Romania’s approach to the relationship with Russia was to “leave behind the Cold War logic.”

    “President Bush and President Lech Kaczyński strongly supported Ukraine and Georgia becoming NATO action plan members; however, he was opposed by the United Kingdom, France and Germany. The British judgment is that, although there was full support for both Ukraine and Georgia, the question of when they joined should remain in the balance. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France are of the same mind.”

    “The alliance did not offer a Membership Action Plan to Georgia or Ukraine, largely due to the opposition of Germany and France, but pledged to review the decision in December 2008.” Which was too late then, the terrorists had already invaded Georgia. Nothing has changed, except the posotion of the UK. The krauts and frogs are even big appeasers now, than in 2008.

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    • If it were practical, I would support NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia. Given the strategic position of the two, NATO membership would do little for them. Georgia is not defensible at all from the most likely country to invade. Most of Ukraine is in the same boat.

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  • The Franco-German alliance is a Russia client entity and has been since 1990. Firstly, the frogs and krauts hate Britain and probably hate America even more. They will never fight Russia. Neither will any Nato members except Canada, US, UK, Poland, Pribaltika.
    That’s why the above need to leave ASAP and form a new trade/military/intel sharing bloc with the other members of the Five Eyes, plus Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Japan, South Korea. Other like minded countries could apply.
    The EU wants its own army anyway, so let them get on with it. They can surrender to Russia if they want. Fuck ‘em.
    We will have to wait for a visionary US president for that to happen. Step forward Marco Rubio.
    Meantime let’s hope IRA Joe will be less of a disaster with putler’s invasions than his old boss. Expectations are low, but you never know!

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  • France and Germany should give up conducting foreign politics. They simply cannot do it. Especially Germany is horribly bad.

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    • Germany was castrated by their defeat, and France was castrated by Hitler. I think France’s nads went to a Polish crematorium.

      Germany is especially disappointing. They used to have men, and a very good military establishment. These days they don’t have enough equipment for the troops they do have. Such things happen when women take over.

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