From Twitter to CNN, the left is coming for your speech

The crackdown on civil liberties is here, it is unprecedented, and it will have consequences

Days after Donald Trump called for breaking up the Big Tech monopolies in order to preserve democracy, they have silenced him. Friday evening, Twitter announced that the sitting president had been banned from the platform that is his primary means of public communication. Of course, they waited until the Democratic Party took power to shut it down. Silicon Valley oligarchs are more powerful than the president of the United States, and they want you to known it.

Like most actions taken to suppress extremism, this will cause more of it.

The assault on speech accelerates, and we at “Tucker Carlson Tonight” are not immune. Friday morning, CNN announced that it is working to force the Fox News Channel off the air and run this company out of business. A number of prominent Democrats, including officeholders, support that effort. CNN staffers have already contacted the six major cable carriers in this country, the companies that carry our signal into your home, and pressured them to drop Fox News.
On what pretext, you may ask? On the pretext that this show and others on the channel are directly responsible for the violence at the U.S. Capitol this week. “[I]t is time,” CNN announced, “that TV carriers face questions for lending their platforms to dishonest companies that profit off of disinformation and conspiracy theories.”

Here’s what happened next:

KEILAR: It was an insurrection. Take Merriam-Webster’s word for it … ‘an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government’ … Knocking down barriers, knocking down gates, pushing police out of the way. Police would be the civil authority as described in the definition of insurrection. They broke windows and doors. They vandalized offices. 

This show, Keilar explained, refused to call that obviously highly insurrectionary event an insurrection. We literally didn’t use the word. I mean, seriously, who would do that? Well, if you really want to know, a White person would do that. A privileged White person, someone who — presumably unlike her coworkers at CNN (and, in fact, the dwarf king himself) — is both White and privileged, and therefore afflicted with something called White privilege. So much White privilege, in fact, that it blinded this person. That’s the thing about white privilege. If you keep doing it, you go blind. That’s what the boss said, anyway.

KEILAR: Tucker Carlson rolls his eyes at the idea of systemic racism, at White privilege, but perhaps he should roll those eyes on over to a mirror. It is entirely fantastical to think that crowds of Black or brown Americans would have been treated as the mostly White insurrectionists of the Capitol were on Wednesday. 

Oh, the moral lecture from the morning zoo lady. It went on like this for an entire segment. You can look it up on the Internet. And in a way, that’s the good news. With enemies like this, Fox News will be around for a long, long time.


  • Never to forget! Curtailing or even eliminating freedom of speech has and is an important tool for despotic governments. When a major news provider (!!!) like CNN calls for eliminating another news provider (Fox), we know that the beginning of curtailing our civil liberties has reached us.
    What is there to do?

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    • Fox promotes the interests of Russia, so fuck ‘em! Laura Ingraham is so pro-putler she’ll probably get a medal from the little rat. As for Carlson, the GOP were until recently teeing him up for their next POTUS candidate. Refresher on Carlson: the putrid turdarse stated live on air that he was rooting for Russia against Ukraine.
      As for Twitter, Trump would have known it was run by leftists, along with FB, Google, Apple, MS etc, so why did he choose it as his main communication platform in the first place? Only himself to blame.

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      • I doubt Twitter took this decision lightly. Trump generates a lot of traffic on Twitter, and traffic means money. Twitter is not only for people to discuss views, it’s just another platform for advertisers to get rich, and for Twitter to get even richer. That said, when you sign up for any Twitter account, you tick a box to abide by the rules of the company, no excuse if you get banned flaunting those rules.

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      • The fact that you didn’t see any red flags and nothing suspicious about this article, may be an argument for abolishing Fox News.

        “When a major news provider (!!!) like CNN calls for eliminating another news provider (Fox), we know that the beginning of curtailing our civil liberties has reached us.”

        But when didn’t happen. I have searched on CNN and elsewhere, and by no means CNN is calling for the elimination of Fox News.

        Carlson is playing a victim, while Fox News is probably the main instigator of the assault on the Capitol, leaving six death (one police officer). For weeks they spread misinformation on the elections, creating the false narrative that the elections were rigged, without any proof.

        There was an article on CNN that can be interpreted in this way with a lot of fantasy, in which CNN argues that it is weird that tech companies were under continued scrutiny for allowing misinformation to be spread on their platforms, while “old media”, that often have a much larger audience, are completely unregulated. CNN was referring to InfoWars, OANN, and also Fox News.

        I think the most dangerous thing is that people only read the news network that aligns with the party they vote for, rather then both sides. And you obviously fell in the same trap, because you made a false assumption on what CNN would have said, based on a false claim by its main competitor. This in itself should be a red flag (I would also go to Fox News when CNN would make such a claim).

        My history teacher, explained to me that Americans often use the concept of being an innocent victim to make an argument. That is exactly what Carlson does here.

        Twitter is not a partisan platform, and I even far right politicians have never been blocked in Europe. Imagine that if Clinton would have claimed the election was rigged, and then supported the mobsters that have launched a deadly assault on the Capitol.

        Does he seriously believe Twitter wouldn’t feel responsible and do the exact same thing?

        No, of course Trump is some innocent victim, and the “bad tech companies” would only blame him. It cannot be that Fox News, Trump and some of his radical fans did something completely irresponsible, it must be antifa or some other side. It must be that everyone is conspiring against Trump, including his own ministers, and not that Twitter simply wants to prevent any further deaths during the last two weeks of his term.

        Another issue in this article is that free speech has been treated the same as lying. Saying that immigrants all look ugly is an opinion, which I think should be considered part of free speech.

        Saying that all black people have 4 legs and two noses, is a lie. When Trump says the elections were rigged, this has nothing to do with free speech, but just by distorting facts. And I think the latter is much more dangerous, as any political discussion is impossible if each side can make up facts on their own.

        I think this problem is relatively new in the U.S. A decade ago, Fox News and CNN were two platforms with mostly different opinions, not facts.

        Fox News would write for example that one million migrants was too much, CNN would say a million was not enough. Nowadays the channels won’t even be able to agree on that there are a million.

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        • Unfortunately I can only give you one upvote!

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        • Of course Twatter didn’t ban Eurotrash. Why should he. They’re not threat to the politics Dorsey wants to push on the US. Trump was a very serious thret to his brand of far left politics and he kept moving the goal posts of his “regulations” so as to be able to silence any conservative that was gaining to large a following. He waited until now on Trump because he feared the reaction had he done so. Twatter stock has taken a serious hit. His following was over 80 million, and a lot of that traffic is going to go away. Twatter was, in fact, in deep trouble before Trump signed on. They tried to sell it, but no one was buying. It was that sorry. It will now go back to that.

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          • You think Twitter made that decision lightly? Trump was a major cash cow for Twitter. And Twitter is not partisan: they only want to make money.

            But Trump’s tweets have led to 6 deaths, which I think is a valid reason to suspend him, as he doesn’t think about the consequences of his lies on Twitter.

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    • What I can’t understand, there are numerous media outlets labelled as MSM by Trump and others, apart from Fox, there is no other media for Republican supporters. The GOP has been around for 150 years, yet they never thought about having their own voices in the media, why?

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      • Strange if that is true since most of the media in the US is owned by 15 billionaires and 6 corporations

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      • Fox has been sliding left since Ailes was deposed. The frenzy around that stank to high heaven and it turned out Murdoch’s spawn was responsible for it. people are talking Newsmax, but it’s been sliding to the left about as fast.

        Many don’t realize the Republican Party began as the leftist party in the US. Former members of the moribund Whig party formed it, and the Whigs were as statist as you can get. The Democrats were the conservative party of the country. They were very strongly Jeffersonian. Hamilton, who was an enemy of Jefferson, was strongly statist and the Whig Party held Hamilton’s philosophies. The Pubbies are very strongly Hamiltonian. The Democrats have gone the same way. neither party is anywhere near the center. The founders were the center and defined it.

        The result is that the media over the years has moved into the hands of the enemies of the United States. Even those owned by Republicans are no friend of the country.

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    • I hope you don’t mind that I added some context to your important post Sir Facts.

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  • Trump has done what imperial Japan,Nazi Germany, the USSR, Communist China, Al Qaeda, and ISIS couldn’t.
    That is to occupy the US Congress with his followers.
    He should be congratulated by them.
    And he should be treated exactly the same as them.
    Worse even.
    They were our declared enemies and made no bones about their hatred for our country and our freedoms enshrined in the constitution.
    The Constitution Trump swore to defend
    The lowest level of hell is reserved for oath breakers and traitors.

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    • It isn’t fair to lump everyone in the same basket. Antifa doesn’t represent ALL Democrats, but the highway always seems to run just in one direction when it comes to fairness, why is that?

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    • Another leftist loony living in a land of make believe. You need to get out of the leftist bubble and engage your brain. Nothing you said about what happened is true. Congress is the body that trampled the Constitution. Right along with the courts. The entire system is corrupt to its core.

      It’s obvious you love globalism as that is whose message you have swallowed whole.

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      • Lefist loony?
        I have voted Republican since Ford/Carter. I served 20 years in the military, active and reserve and was mobilized twice. Including ayear long tour overseas. I missed countless birthdays holidays and the birth of my daughter while on duty. I was prepared to lay down my life for this country and raise my son to do the same. As has every generation of my family since WWI.
        I may not have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country but I have paid a steep price for it.
        Which is more than can be said for Donald-Fucking-Trump or anyone in his family has for the last 5 generations.
        Maybe you can not see what a Blackhearted backstabbing coward he is but I sure as shit can.
        Next to contributing to Saddam’s death (if only peripherally) watching Donald Trump take the cowards march out of office will be the happiest day of my life.

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  • The mainstream media in the West is 99% leftist. This was (sadly) the secret of RT’s success for years, since it was the only competition for the leftist machine, and sadly also the reason so many are in love with Putlerstan now. The ruSSian media outlets should be banned and wealthy right-wingers should invest money in new channels, platforms and papers. If the only choice is either leftist or ruSSian information, the best to do is press the OFF button.

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  • To be truthful, I haven’t yet been able to cross-check Carlson’s claim because Oksana and I were about to leave as I was struggling to get my article published. As you all know, this was my first one (and perhaps I messed it up).
    Having made this clear, I want to say that I did notice for some time now a growing trend of left-leaning media and politicians attempting to quell right-leaning voices. This is dangerous. Take CNN’s Oliver Darcy for example, who urges social media companies to censor comments which he and his cronies don’t agree with. Although I do not condone false or fake news, such a demand, especially for a “journalist” is dangerous. It is a dangerous first step for further steps that can eventually lead to serious consequences for our freedom of speech.
    As an example of where this path can possibly take us, I draw on my experience with German media, which is not as extensive as on English-speaking media but still quite comprehensive. There is hardly any conservative media left in this country. Posting a comment that is too far removed from accepted political doctrine will get your post deleted or it doesn’t even appear. I know that people like Knut won’t believe this and might even accuse me of posting hateful comments. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Knowing the sensitive nature of German liberals (eunuchs) I never resort to name-calling or wish anyone any sort of harm. It is only my conservative/center-right opinion that suffices to be censured.
    I do not want this to happen in the US. Period.
    So, my point is, what if this trend is happening now in our country? It won’t happen overnight, I’m sure. It is a sneaky process, bit-by-bit, and this is more than enough to be alarmed.
    Never forget; a right once taken away is usually forever gone.

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    • The US was built by fascists, mainly Angles from the UK, later from Germany as well. Our history is no longer compatible with the leftist mainstream. Dixie is blamed for slavery, yet the federal budget between 1776 and 1860 was powered by slavery to build the North. A selective history is the worst that can happen to us. My ancestors had slaves, and i am not proud of it, yet i will never feel shame about who i am. The left is out of control. We need a new GOP, led by Ted Cruz, strong, determined and faithful. Smash the red trash!

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      • Well said! I agree with you 100% and I feel the same way. Maybe the current GOP has outlasted its time.

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      • I would not agree with the fascist angle you think is an issue. The founders of the US were direct descendants of those anglo fascists you think started the country. Even the original German settlers came seeking a way out of the ossified minor German kingdom we know as the Palatinate now. The real problem with Germans were those that escaped the Kaiser’s justice from the revolution of 1848. A number of them ended up in the Yankee Army and had the gall to tell John Marshall’s son that they would teach him about the constitution. There were some regiments that spoke only German.

        I agree that the GOP is now on its death bed and could stand a bit of help along. Too bad we can’t give it a warfarin injection as Beria gave Stalin.

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    • As far as I know, I have never expressed my thoughts on freedom of speech, so how you can claim to know something about my opinions seems like a mystery to me. I defend so absolutely the right to speak freely, be it opinions which to me appears to be out of reality, or opinions that are pure conspiracy theories, such as that Bush was behind 9/11.

      Let me take one example that freedom of speech also entails responsibility. Dominion has now filed a lawsuit against lawyer “Kraken” of $ 1.3 trillion for the damage this has caused the company. She has used her freedom of expression, but since this is not unconditional, it also comes with a responsibility that the statement you make entails correctness. It now remains to be seen whether she can prove that Dominion in collaboration with Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013, has planned a coup of the US elections.

      Now that Trump has been banned from most social platforms it’s not to take away his freedom of speech, it’s to make it difficult for him to initiate another coup on the Capitol, or on the inauguration on the 20th this month, as they now is discussing on Parler and other right-wing sites. That’s a consequence of his earlier rhetoric for which he is now punished.


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