Douglas Murray : Washington protest was ‘last roll of the dice’ for Trump


  • I think Trump was hoping the Congress would be burned downe to prevent Biden from being declared the new president. It (luckily) did not happen. He played all the aces he had left, and so it indeed was his last roll of the dice. Sadly, although the Capitol is still intact, the GOP is destroyed for years to come.

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    • The security there was a disgrace. No protestors should have got within a 100 yards of that place. It’s not that the authorities didn’t know what was happening, it was all over TV and social media.

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  • Douglas Murray is a Scottish Conservative journalist, a friend of America and friend of the GOP. But even he is outraged by Trump’s latest stunt.

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  • The Twitter-King has been banned permanently. Its so quiet now!

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  • If this is how Trump wanted to stay in power, then it was more than a backfire. It ripped apart the whole engine.
    The storming of the Capitol did no good for Trump. But, what’s worse, it causes much damage to us conservatives and Republicans. I am certain that most people who were politically between Republicans and Democrats have been so shocked by this that they have been moved to go to the leftist Democrats and even many Republicans will side with the leftists now. Democrats, of course, will be reassured to be in the “right” party.
    The storming of the Capitol was, in my humble opinion, the blackest day for the Republican party and conservative people of the United States and might even reverberate into other countries.
    Having said that, I will stand my ground as a conservative man and I will oppose leftism and liberalism as much as before. I will not let a crowd of bumbling fools move me and change my convictions.

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    • The danger to the US, is not coming from within, it’s coming from mafia land and the Chinks. The US need to sort these shitstirrers once and for all. There are too many gullible people who believe anything they read or hear on the internet. Granted they haven’t got the experience in fighting trolls that we have, so it has to come from the government. Cut the Chinks and Russia from the internet, I believe the effect would be instantaneous.

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