America and its allies now face multiple threats.

Op-Ed by Scradge1

Back in 1992, Bush 1 was looking likely to secure a second term. Then an alt-right prototype; a weirdo named Ross Perot, threw his hat into the ring and split the right vote. Which lead to two terms of slick Willie until the next Bush came along.

Thanks to Trump’s failure to hold Georgia, the Democrats will have full control of the country. The Dems are a divided party, consisting of east coast/west coast liberals and a growing hard left authoritarian wing that supports street thug looters promoting Marxist ideology. Which faction will dominate?

The GOP will be divided into traditional conservatives and the alt-right. The latter being code for pro-Russia.

The alt-right wants a new party, tentatively called ‘The Great American Party’ and they want Trump to lead it. This is outlined in the following article:

The parts of the manifesto that are of concern to Ukraine are:

‘Aid to foreign governments must be ended.’

‘The purpose of the military is to protect America, not “America’s interests.” Foreign military adventures must be limited and in the context of declared war.’

Should this plan succeed, America will slowly drift into a third world-type authoritarian one party state. Because the Dems of course will be issuing millions of passports to people who are illiterate even in their own language who will become lifelong clients of the socialist welfare state and guaranteed Dem voters.

It is essential therefore that the GOP rises from the ashes under new leadership. One man who could unite them might be Marco Rubio. He has just the right back story: a refugee from communist tyranny who made a life for himself in the USA without any help from anyone.


  • What the US needs, is another McCarthy type witch hunt, and start weeding out these far left/far right extremists supported by Russia and China. Any site promoting extremism and conspiracy theories that threaten violence, should also be taken down, and the owners prosecuted.

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    • I believe I know just the man for the job! Step forward Col Allen West, a great guy and a modern Joe McCarthy.

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      • I read the comments on Fox news quite regular, and the place is crawling with vermin. After 6 years of troll bashing, they are easy to spot. Whataboutism if rife, if they have no answer, they attack the other commenters. Spelling mistakes that no half educated American would make, eg, at least 50% of posters use your and you’re in the wrong context, and the main giveaway, the same comments are posted numerous times on the same article.

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      • I seriously doubt you would like who Col. West would go after. He is tough and has shown it by his life. He’s also a Trump supporter. As you hate Trump, you would really hate West in the McCarthy role. As in visceral hatred.

        You simply have no idea what you are wishing for.

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  • stanleyankiewicz

    My allegiance to the GOP was cemented during the 1980s .Ronald Reagan was in the White House. For me, Reagan was what John F. Kennedy had been to an earlier generation: an inspirational figure who shaped my worldview. Reagan had his faults, like JFK, but he was optimistic and gentlemanly. He was pro-free trade and pro-immigration. He believed in limited government at home and American leadership abroad.
    For the time being, at least, that Republican Party is dead. It was wounded by the tea party absolutists who insisted on political purity and rejected any compromise. Now it has been killed by Donald Trump.
    The working class is the heart of the Republican Party. Once, businesspeople and entrepreneurs were at the center of the Republican imagination. Now it’s clear that the party needs to stop catering to the corporate class and start focusing on the shop owners, the plumbers, the salaried workers. It needs to emphasize the dignity of work and honor those who are not trying to make millions, not looking for handouts, but just want to build middle-class lives in a stable social order. If the party sticks with its old white base, it will die. They just aren’t making enough old white men. To have any shot of surviving as a major party, the G.O.P. has to build a cross-racial alliance among working-class whites,hispanics and blacks.

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    • The republican Party committed suicide on Wednesday. It had long ceased to be the Gipper’s party and that began with the 1988 election. H.W. Bush was no Reagan, just another globalist toady. McConnell’s cowardice and incompetence has served the globalist party well, but he ended his political career. All he will have left is the remainder of his senate term. The same is true for many others. Graham, Thune, and Romney are just 3 examples.

      As things stand, Trump was building a party that included everyone you listed at the end. He reached out to everyone, not just the group the country club set always reached out to. The only constituency the country club set have is the corporate types that are globalists and could not care less about Americans.

      Little of your screed is connected with reality.

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      • The Republican party did not commit suicide last Wednesday.
        It was killed by Trump when he told the rioters ” We love you, you are very special.”

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    • I still believe in the GOP and I blame the intrusion on the intruders. Besides that, someone has to oppose the American commies or the USA will get split up… the commies. The the Dark Ages 2.0 would commence.

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