Monthly Archives: January 2021

Putin Silent on Washington Unrest as Russian Foreign Ministry Calls U.S. Electoral System Archaic

President Vladimir Putin made no statement on the unprecedented chaos in the United States when he spoke briefly with journalists after attending an Orthodox Christmas service, while Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the U.S electoral process is archaic and prone to violations. A rampaging mob of Trump supporters on Wednesday stormed a session of Congress being held to certify Joe Biden’s election

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Biden’s DOJ Must Investigate Trump’s Relationship to Russia

The pardons of Manafort, Stone, and Flynn fit into a long pattern of abuse and obstruction regarding Trump’s Russia connections. byRICHARD NORTH PATTERSON JANUARY 4, 2021 5:30 AM Home Donald Trump’s recent pardons of several key aides have ignited a crucial debate: Should President-elect Joe Biden’s Department of Justice investigate his predecessor’s apparent obstruction of a potentially damning inquiry into

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Russia concealing involvement of defense facility in Sputnik-V vaccine development – media

14:25, 06.01.21 – UNIAN Since Soviet times, this Institute has been developing various kinds of biological weapons. Russia is making efforts to conceal the involvement of the 48th Central Research Institute, which is part of the defense ministry, in the development of the Sputnik V vaccine candidate for COVID-19, Ukrainian media reported. The facility is a biological weapons developer that

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