US Maidan in progress


Hundreds of thousands of freedom-loving Americans gathered in Washington D.C. to protest against the systematic electoral fraud and fake news media.


They now entered the Capitol while Mike Pence was evacuated and senators wearing gas masks are hiding under their desks.


  1. I’ve just posted on Twitter for the people in D.C. not to commit violence. If anyone among them is attacking police or secret service, they most likely are Anti-fa scum, wanting to incite trouble and to show them you are patriots and put a stop to it! Protect our police and secret service!
    I hope that this insanity will end peacefully!

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  2. This is a disaster for the GOP. If they cut Trump loose, he might turn into some kind of revolutionary who might take his alt-right supporters with him, leaving a weakened mainstream centre-right party behind. The only winners from this shambles would be the radical left.

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  3. George W. Bush, who rigged the Florida count, did 9/11, presented fake evidence to the UN via Powell, and killed 1 mio people in Iraq and Afghanistan, criticized the protests in D.C. as ‘heartbreaking’…

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  4. Dubya didn’t rig Florida and no false info was presented via Powell. His concern for the country is simply crocodile tears, however. He’s part of the problem the country is facing.

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  5. I have said in the past that the rabid , vicious political division in my country may well destroy us more quickly than any other enemy. I have observed this phenomenon even on this fucking site and it makes me sick!
    George Washington predicted that political partisanship would lead to democratic instability.He prophesied in his farewell address: “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities.” Washington agonized precisely about the arms race of incivility and nastiness that has overwhelmed national politics over the past few decades.
    To the political left, Donald Trump is un-American: His xenophobic, racist rhetoric stands in opposition to the true American vision of tolerance. It’s an affront to our nation of immigrants, a country in which equality is written into our founding documents. Any Republican who supports or voted for him is guilty by association.
    To the political right, it’s the Democrats who are un-American. They denigrate our founding as a Christian nation and want to secularize everything. They want to sacrifice our sovereignty to globalist institutions under the guise of invented problems like global warming and to undermine our exceptional heritage by opening our borders to anybody, even those who want to blow us up. There is only one “real America” and it doesn’t include the coasts or cities where many Democrats live.
    We need partisan conflict to organize politics. Without political parties, there is no meaningful democracy. But we are deep into a self-reinforcing cycle of doom-loop partisanship. We need to think hard about how to escape this trap, before it is too late.

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    • Well put SA, bravo!
      I would only add that there is one side defending the Constitution and the other side seeks to go around the Constitution like they did this election cycle. Yet, both sides take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution.”

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  6. Thank god the attempted coup has been put down.
    36 years ago I raised my right hand and swore “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies both foreign AND domestic.”
    I never seriously imagined that the party I had supported since Ford vs Carter would become that domestic enemy.
    From this day forward I will never vote Republican again.
    If the GOP want to tag along with Trump as he attempts to destroy the democracy I swore to defend then they can do it with out me.

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      • True,
        and I am all for election reform.
        but you don’t get to interfere with the transition of power based on hearsay and innuendo.
        Trump’s claims of “voter fraud” and “stolen” have been laughed out of every court they were presented in. including by several very conservatives republican appointed judges.

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        • “Laughed out of court” would be a media talking point Major sir. I have not heard of any unanimous votes. Some of the courts just don’t want to get involved, which I understand. Even the judges that were shown hard evidence that bureaucrats were changing laws unilaterally and against State Constitutions STILL didn’t want to get involved. Having 3 separate but equal branches is a blessing….and a curse sometimes. Meanwhile, the media and the bureaucrats get away with murder. I expect a firestorm in 2022.

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